Acoustic board

Acoustic board

An acoustic board is a special type board made of sound absorbing materials. Their job is to provide sound insulation.cite book |author= |authorlink= |editor= |others= |title=Dictionary of architectural and building technology |edition= |language= |publisher=E & F N Spon |location=London |year=1998 |origyear= |pages= p3|quote= |isbn=0-419-22280-4 |oclc= |doi= |url=|accessdate=] cite book |author=Derek Butterfield; Alf Fulcher; Rhodes, Brian; Stewart, Bill; Derick Tickle; Windsor, John C. |authorlink= |editor= |others= |title=Painting and Decorating: An Information Manual |edition= |language= |publisher=Blackwell/Futura |location= |year=2005 |origyear= |pages= p145|quote= |isbn=1-4051-1254-9 |oclc= |doi= |url=|accessdate=] Between two outer walls sound absorbing material is inserted and the wall is porous. Thus, when sound passes through an acoustic board, the intensity of sound is decreased. The loss of sound energy is balanced by producing heat energy.


They are used in auditoriums, halls, seminar rooms, libraries, courts and wherever sound insulation is needed. Acoustic boards are also used in speaker boxes.


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