National Social Front

National Social Front
National Social Front
Leader Adriano Tilgher
Newspaper None
Ideology Neo-fascism, Social-Fascism, Nationalism, Socialization

The National Social Front (Fronte Sociale Nazionale, FSN) was an Italian far right political party.

The FSN had its roots in the Fiamma Tricolore when two leading radicals, Tomaso Staiti di Cuddia and Adriano Tilgher were expelled from the party in 1997. As a response Tilgher formed his own group in September of that year, initially calling it Fronte Nazionale (a name already used twice before on the Italian far right) and basing it on the French National Front of Jean-Marie Le Pen.[1] The party, which initially confined its operations largely to Rome gained 18,000 votes in that city in the local elections of 1998.[2]

The party began to expand in early 2000, seeking to work with other minor groups on the far right to form a united alternative to the Alleanza Nazionale.[3] A merger with further dissident elements within the Fiamma Tricolore saw the group reconstitute under its current FSN name.[4] In March 2003 supporters of the new group protested outside the Swiss embassy against the jailing of Gaston-Armand Amaudruz.[5]

For the 2004 European election the party joined with Azione Sociale and Forza Nuova in the Alessandra Mussolini-led coalition Alternativa Sociale, which captured a single seat in the European Parliament. They remained part of this coalition until its dissolution following poor results in the 2006 general election.[6]

In 2008 Tilgher joined up with Francesco Storace's group La Destra resulting in the disbanding of the FSN.[7]


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