StreetForm is an arts non-profit organisation based in Sheffield, UK.StreetForm was founded by artist Sarah Smizz but is also led by Rebecca Cartwright, James Cotton, Brendan McCrory, Siobhan Mcsorley, Nat Mortimer, Richie Squires and Greg Thomas, amongst others. They came together and started to begin collaborating in early 2007 whilst studying art at Psalter Lane Campus, Sheffield Hallam University under Michael Corris, Andrew Sneddon and Hester Reeves who supported the project.
Together they create Contemporary Art workshops and lead them in schools within the South Yorkshire region, particularly in more deprived areas. According to the StreetForm web-blog, its aims are:

An event targeting young people around the age of 10-17 in school, which also engages the wider community, which not only introduces Contemporary Arts through Art and Design, but also through Citizenship and wider learning.There is a lack of general knowledge of how enriching contemporary art can be and some community groups are becoming excluded entirely. By using the built environment as a tool to bridge different community groups, links can be made. Not only this, can build self-esteem; build enthusiasm for school; life skills such as self analysing amongst many others. [ [ Wh-what-what you all about? « StreetForm & BreakOut Revolutions Inc ] ]

In February 2008, StreetForm split into 'StreetForm' and 'BreakOut', with BreakOut focusing on primary school education, aiming to

..... provide for primary school kids a series of workshops within school where the only standard is their own satisfaction and the only requirement that they make something they want to make. A session where difference is celebrated,success a worthless concept and failure impossible. This is not art with a purpose;this is a new way of approaching life: focused on communication, collaboration,discovery, risk, experimentation, celebration, solving problems and learning together. The “teachers” will learn with the “students” and the only rule is to do no harm to others....


The workshops that StreetForm offer are Abstract Watercolour, MusArt (combining music and art), Ideas Workshop (teaching kids to run with an idea), Re-Generation (making your own city from recycled items), Text, Why Not?, Team Art! with the most impressive workshop 'Heidegger's Apple' and the most popular 'Graffiti Techniques.'


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