Community of the Gospel

Community of the Gospel

The Community of the Gospel is a non-residential, dispersed Christian Community formed under the Canons of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the Anglican Communion, whose members apply basic monastic principles to everyday living.

The Community is open to any person over the age of 21, single or partnered, who is a communicant member of the Episcopal Church or other Christian denomination. Members live and work in various parts of the country and come together for convocation twice a year. Full members of the Community may take a religious name, use the title “Brother” or “Sister,” and have voting rights on issues affecting the general welfare of the Community.

The Community of the Gospel was founded in March 2007 by Brother Daniel-Joseph Schroeder, who is the current Guardian (superior). Guardians serve a term of four years and are elected by the full members of the Community. Brother Michael-Gregory Norrie is the current Deputy Guardian. The Rt. Rev. Russell Edward Jacobus, seventh Bishop of the Diocese of Fond du Lac in the Episcopal Church, is the Episcopal Visitor. The Rev. Tyrone Fowlkes is the Community's Chaplain.

The Community's mother house is located in the Episcopal Diocese of Fond du Lac in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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