List of Romanians who were born outside present-day Romania

List of Romanians who were born outside present-day Romania

This is a list of Romanians who were born outside present-day Romania.


*Maria Cebotari, opera singer
*Emil Constantinescu, president of Romania (1996-2000)
*Eugenio Coşeriu, linguist
*Paul Goma, writer
*Lia Manoliu, athlete
*Adrian Păunescu, poet, politician
*Gheorghe Pintilie, first director of the Securitate


*Vasko Popa, poet
*Emil Petrovici, linguist
*Zoran Lilić, president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia between 1993 and 1997


*Alexandru Averescu, prime minister of Romania (1918, 1920-1921, 1926-1927)
*Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, philologist, writer
*Lucian Pintilie, film director, screenwriter
*Sofia Rotaru, singer
*Nicolae Văcăroiu, prime minister of Romania (1992-1996)
*Sofia Vicoveanca, singer

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