Neuro immune dysfunction syndrome

Neuro immune dysfunction syndrome

Neuro-immune dysfunction syndromes (NIDS) are a set of related disorders characterized by complex interactions between the nervous system and the
immune system. Such diseases include autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome and other related conditions.


No single cause for NIDS has been identified. It appears that genetic predisposition can play a role, as can environmental factors including viruses, illnesses, and prenatal or neonatal stress. The dysregulated immune system can reduce blood flow to certain areas of the brain including the temporal lobes, impairing auditory processing, language, and social skills [ [ Temporal Lobe Dysfunction in Childhood Autism: A PET Study] ] . This can produce autistic symptoms.


Symptoms may include:
* Cognitive impairment
* Language delay
* Developmental regression
* Inappropriate behaviors
* Fine and gross motor abnormalities
* Poor muscle tone
* Fatigue
* Inability to focus
* Low grade fever
* Frequent ear infections
* Food sensitivities
* Obsessive compulsive disorders
* Poor eye contact


NIDS can be diagnosed through blood work and neuroSPECT analysis. NeuroSPECT imaging measures blood flow within the brain. It can pinpoint areas of hypoperfusion in the temporal lobes. Key tests for blood work include CBC, sedimentation rate, CMV IGG/IGM, ANA titer, EBV IGG/IGM, hypothyroid panel, and ferritin level.


Although a cure remains elusive, treatment is possible through a combination of biomedical intervention, dietary changes, and therapy.

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