Kingdom of Slavonia

Kingdom of Slavonia

The Kingdom of Slavonia was a province of the Habsburg Monarchy in the 18th and 19th century as one of the Lands of the Crown of St. Stephen. The province included northern parts of present-day regions of Slavonia (today in Croatia) and Syrmia (today in Serbia and Croatia). The southern parts of these regions were part of the Habsburg Military Frontier (Slavonian Krajina).


The Kingdom of Slavonia was formed in 1745 and it belonged to both, the Kingdom of Croatia, and the Kingdom of Hungary. After 1849, both, Kingdom of Slavonia and Kingdom of Croatia were affirmed as a completely separate Habsburg crown lands. Following the 1868 Settlement ("hrvatsko-ugarska nagodba") with the Kingdom of Hungary, Kingdom of Slavonia was joined with Kingdom of Croatia into the single Croatia-Slavonia kingdom, which although it was under the suzerainty of the Crown of Saint Stephen kept a certain level of self-rule.


The 1790 Austrian population census for the Kingdom of Slavonia recorded 131,000 ("46.8%"), Serbs 128,000 ("45.7%") Croats, 19,000 ("6.8%") Hungarians, and 2,000 ("0.7%") Germans. The Kingdom of Slavonia in this time also included northern parts of eastern Syrmia mainly inhabited by Serbs, hence the number of Serbs in the Kingdom was larger than the number of Croats.

Other statistics show different numbers. In 1787. in civil Slavonia there were 265670 inhabitants, and in 1804./5. there were 286349 inhabitants, but from that number clergy and nobility were excluded. Ethnicity can be (disputedly) determined through religion Germans and Italians and catholic Slavs are mostly of the same religion. Only men were in that census. There were: 74671 roman catholic, 68390 orthodox, 1744 calvinist, 97 lutheran and 160 Jews. Number of orthodox was higher in Syrmia, 32090 orthodox and 12633 roman catholic. In other two counties of Slavonia: Požega and Virovitica, as in city of Požega roman catholic outnumbered orthodox population. At that time colonization of Slavonia with people from other parts of Habsburg empire was just in the beginning so the vast majority of roman catholic were Croats, hence Croats outnumbered Serbs in civil Slavonia, although the Serbs were more numerous in Syrmia.


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