Area code 907

Area code 907

Area code 907 covers the entire state of Alaska, except for the small southeastern Alaska community of Hyder, Alaska, which uses the 250 area code of neighboring Stewart, British ColumbiaFact|date=October 2008. Area Code 907 was assigned in 1957 along with area code 808 for Hawaii. It is one of only 13 remaining area codes serving an entire state.

Because there is only one area code in the state, locals in smaller Alaskan towns routinely give only the last 4 digits of their telephone numbers since the first six digits serve as an area code and generally do not need to be known. For example, around Ketchikan, instead of 907-225-XXXX people will merely say XXXX since most of the numbers in that area use the 225 three-digit prefix (and the 907 area code). In Fairbanks, Anchorage, and other more populated areas with more than one prefix, people will still generally say only seven digits. Ten-digit dialing is nonexistent in Alaska aside from cell phones, with all local calls being seven-digit and all long-distance calls requiring 1+10D.

Area code 907 is the largest area code in the United States, and is second only to Canadian area code 867 in land area among codes in the North American Numbering Plan. Because the Aluetian Islands of Alaska straddle 180 degrees longitude, 907 is both the farthest west and the farthest east area code in the NANP.

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Area Code Box 3 | State = AK | This = area code 907
N = Arctic Ocean, Country code +7 in Russia
W = Country code +7 in Russia
E = 250, 867
S = Pacific Ocean, 808
S1 = BC | S2 = HI | S3 = YT

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