Life Application Gospel Ministries International

Life Application Gospel Ministries International

Life Application Gospel Ministries International (L.A.G.M.I) (A North Carolina Non-Profit Corporation) is a independent denomination formed in 2004 (incorporated in 2008) [LifeApp Articles of Incorporation] by its Chairman and Founder, Rev. Andrew D. Burns. The entire organization as a whole is also referred to as "LifeApp."

Primarily an organization formed as a "worldwide fellowship of independent ministries," it's primary focus is in planting churches throughout the world through missions and humanitarian efforts.


"To Win the Lost, Equip and Train those who are found in Christ" - To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the World until He returns; giving hope to all who need Him.


Life Application Gospel Ministries International was founded as a means to provide fellowship & support to various unaffiliated independent ministries around the world; to promote forward progress in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone we come into contact with.

LifeApp distributes Bibles & Bible Study courses; plants and builds churches and faith based schools in the hills, valleys, cities and jungles in tribes and villages throughout the world where dreams can develop into action through their Affiliated Ministries (see below for definition).

As of this writing, they have over 200 churches throughout the world in what it refers to as 15 Ministry Districts. Ministry Districts are headed by a District Presbyter.

Current Ministry Districts

USA East, USA West, USA Central, Pakistan, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Philippines, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Cameroon, and Rwanda.

Church and Organization Members in the fellowship are referred to as "affiliates," and its ministers are classed in three levels: Exhorter (beginners in ministry), Licensed and Ordained [LifeApp Constitution & Bylaws] .

Ministry District Structure

All member organizations within LifeApp fall into 2 of 4 categories:
• LifeApp Affiliated or
• District Affiliated
• Unorganized Ministry District or
• Organized Ministry District

LifeApp Affiliated: Churches or Organization within At least one LifeApp credentialed minister who has been officially recognized by both the Ministry District and the Home Office as a LifeApp Affiliated organization. When they submit application to the Home Office and are approved by the board, they become LifeApp Affiliates.

District Affiliated: Churches or Organizations that are not officially affiliated with LifeApp within organized ministry districts are termed as District Affiliated. To qualify as District Affiliated, they must be recognized by the ministry district presbyter as legitimate ministries operating in the ministry district's geographical area. District Affiliated churches or organizations can be in both Organized and Unorganized Ministry Districts.

Organized Ministry Districts: These are geographical areas designated by the Board of Directors that have at least 10 active LifeApp Affiliated churches or organizations. At this point, the Board of Directors will appoint an initial District Presbyter to lead the Ministry District until they count 20 or more Ordained LifeApp credentialed ministers in their district. At that time, the Ministry District may form it’s own District Leadership team by majority vote, in accordance with the LifeApp Constitution and Bylaws.

Unorganized Ministry Districts: Geographic areas that have at least one LifeApp credentialed minister, but do not have at least 10 active LifeApp Affiliated organizations or churches in their ministry district. They are supervised directly by the Executive Presbyter in the Home Office and do not have their own District Presbyter.

Note: In some cases, the Board may approve creation of an Organized Ministry District status on a case by case basis as deemed appropriate, in accordance with the Constitution & Bylaws [LifeApp Constitution & Bylaws] .

Notable Facts

LifeApp was originally an evangelistic ministry of Pastor Burns, but due to numerous queries and offers to minister throughout the world, including requests to join in ministry; what started as an evangelistic team morphed into a worldwide organization that has taken on a life of its own and become its own denomination.

Due to its tremendous growth and continued requests and efforts for humanitarian level assistance, The LifeApp for Humanity Foundation [] was formed. This new organization handles humanitarian charity assistance that is more community based (i.e., clinics, clothing, community schools, etc.), rather than ministry specific (i.e., building churches, seminaries, etc).

Notable ministers in this organization

*Rev. Andrew D. Burns, Founder & Chairman
*Rev. Nathan D. Burns, Vice Chairman & Executive Presbyter
*Rev. A. Zatah Nyeneme, Liberia Presbyter
*Rev. J.S. Butia, India Presbyter
*Rev. Ayub Sagar, Pakistan Presbyter
*Rev. Jericho Dumapias, Philippine Presbyter
*Dr. Satkhokai Chongloi, Dean of Students, Trulock Theological Seminary, India.

Notable Affiliate Ministries

*Trulock Theological Seminary, India [accredited by the Asia Theological Association]
*Alpha Orphans Academy, Kenya
*Kingdom Praise Fellowship, Monrovia, Liberia
*New Hope Fellowship, Mindanano, Philippines


Each Affiliated Ministry organization retains their financial and organizational autonomy and are considered to be independent, self-supported ministries. Each affiliate finances their own ministry from their own incomes, secular jobs; and with our assistance, through independent donations and grants from organizations who have donated their resources for use in identified projects in various Ministry Districts.

Strategic Partners are those who wish to donate or grant funding, supplies, logistic support, etc. who are not in actual ministry level positions.


External links

*Life Application Gospel Ministries International []
*The LifeApp for Humanity Foundation []
*LifeApp Constitution & Bylaws []
*Articles of Incorporation for LifeApp []

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