Periodate (IPA: /pəˈraɪ.ədeɪt/) is an anion composed of iodine and oxygen. Periodates include two forms. The metaperiodate ion is IO4; the orthoperiodate ion is IO65−. Usually both forms are called periodates. Periodate is the conjugate base of periodic acid.

In neutral or weak acid conditions, IO4 is most common, in equilibrium with a smaller amount of H4IO6. In basic conditions, H3IO62− is formed, plus some other ions.

Like its neighbor, tellurium, and unlike lighter halogens, iodine tends to be hexacoordinate, and the units HnIO6(5−n)- are quite common; but tetracoordinate units, such as IO4, are also quite common with iodine, tetracoordinate being the only form possible with lighter perhalogenates, such as perchlorate.

Sodium metaperiodate can be isolated from the oxidation of sodium iodide with sodium hypochlorite and is best recrystallized from nitric acid. However, electrochemistry offers an easier alternative.


Periodates can cleave carbon-carbon bonds when both carbon atoms bear an oxygen atom, either in the form of a hydroxyl or a carbonyl group. This property is often utilized in molecular biochemistry for the purposes of modifying saccharide rings, as many five- and six-membered sugars often have vicinal diols.



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