1971 VFL Grand Final

1971 VFL Grand Final

The 1971 VFL Grand Final took place on September 25, 1971 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between VFL clubs Hawthorn and St Kilda. The game was attended by a crowd of 118,192 people.

Match Summary

The Grand Final was played in wet conditions and both clubs were aiming for just their second premiership. St Kilda were 20 points up at three quarter time but Hawthorn finished strongly to win by nine points. Bob Keddie was Hawthorn's match winner with four goals in the space of 16 minutes during the second half after being moved to full-forward.

Going into the game, Peter Hudson needed four goals to surpass Bob Pratt's record for most goals in a VFL season but only managed to kick three which left him level with Pratt on 150 goals. Late in the Grand Final he had a set shot on goal to get the record but kicked the ball into the man on the mark Barry Lawrence. Other nears goals in the game for Hudson included running into an open goal and kicking it out of bounds as well as a disallowed goal on the run where the umpire deemed to siren to have sounded before the ball left his foot.


Aussie rules team old| title = Hawthorn
backpocket1 = David Parkin (c)
fullback = Kelvin Moore
backpocket2 = Les Hawken
halfbackflank1 = Robert Day
centrehalfback = Norm Bussell
halfbackflank2 = Ian Bremner
wing1 = Leon Rice
centre = Geoff Angus
wing2 = Des Meagher
halfforwardflank1 = Bob Keddie
centrehalfforward = Alan Martello
halfforwardflank2 = Michael Porter
forwardpocket1 = Kevin Heath
fullforward = Peter Hudson
forwardpocket2 = Leigh Matthews
ruck = Don Scott
ruckrover = Bruce Stevenson
rover = Peter Crimmins
reserve1 = Ken Beck
reserve2 = Ray Wilson
coach = John Kennedy, Sr.

Aussie rules team old| title = St Kilda
backpocket1 = Wayne Judson
fullback = Bob Murray
backpocket2 = Kevin Neale
halfbackflank1 = Gary Colling
centrehalfback = Barry Lawrence
halfbackflank2 = Neil Besanko
wing1 = John Manzie
centre = Glenn Elliott
wing2 = Stuart Trott
halfforwardflank1 = Jeff Moran
centrehalfforward = Barry Breen
halfforwardflank2 = Stephen Theodore
forwardpocket1 = Carl Ditterich
fullforward = Allan Davis
forwardpocket2 = John Bonney
ruck = Brian Mynott
ruckrover = Travis Payze
rover = Ross Smith (c)
reserve1 = Rod Galt
reserve2 = Stephen Rae
coach = Allan Jeans



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