Emperor (dragonfly)

Emperor (dragonfly)

name = Emperor Dragonfly

image_width = 200px
image_caption = Female laying eggs
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Insecta
ordo = Odonata
familia = Aeshnidae
genus = "Anax"
species = "A. imperator"
binomial = "Anax imperator"
binomial_authority = Leach, 1815
The Emperor Dragonfly, "Anax imperator", is a large and powerful species of European hawker dragonfly of the family Aeshnidae, averaging convert|78|mm|in|1|abbr=off|lk=off in length.


Males have a sky blue abdomen marked with a diagnostic black dorsal stripe and an apple green thorax. Females have a green thorax and abdomen. The male is highly territorial, and difficult to approach. The species lives by larger ponds, gravel pits, and slow rivers.


This powerful Dragonfly is one of the largest species in Europe. They frequently fly high up into the sky in search of prey, which includes Butterflies to Four-spotted Chasers, small prey is eaten on the wing. The females lay the eggs into plants such as pondweed, and always lay alone.

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* [http://www.lincstrust.org.uk/species/dragonfly_damselfly/emperor_dragonfly/index.php Emperor Dragonfly]

They are often found hovering above ponds or lakes looking for a mate

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