Ship burial

Ship burial

A ship burial or boat grave is a burial in which a ship or boat is used either as a container for the dead and the grave goods, or as a part of the grave goods itself. If the ship is very small, it is called a boat grave. This style of burial was used in the Vendel era and by the Anglo-Saxons, the Merovingians, the Vikings and occasionally the Ancient Egyptians. For the former three Germanic peoples, this burial was seen as a way for the dead to sail to Valhalla; ship burial was a high honour.

Examples of ship burials

*Khufu ship, Giza pyramids complex (Fourth Dynasty)
*Gokstad, Norway
*Ladby, Denmark
*Oseberg, Norway
*Snape, East Anglia, England
*Sutton Hoo, East Anglia, England
*Balladoole and Knock-e-Dooney Viking ship burials on the Isle of Man
*Tune, Norway
*Valsgärde, Sweden
*Vendel, Sweden
*Rurikovo gorodishche near Novgorod
*Sarskoye Gorodishche near Rostov
*Timerevo near Yaroslavl
*Black Grave near Chernigov
*Ibn Fadlan gives an eye-witness account of a 10th century ship burial.

ee also

*Stone ship
*Solar barge
*Chariot burial

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