Division 3

Division 3

Division 3 is the fifth level in the league system of Swedish football and comprises 144 Swedish football teams. Division 3 had status as the official third level from 1928 to 1986, but was replaced by Division 2 in 1987. It then had status as the official fourth level until 2005, but was replaced once again as Division 1 was recreated in 2006.

The competition

There are 144 clubs in Division 3, divided in 12 groups of 12 teams each representing a geographical area. During the course of a season (starting in April and ending in October) each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 22 games. At the end of each season the three lowest placed teams of each group are relegated to the regional Division 4 and thirty-six teams from the regional Division 4 leagues are promoted in their place while the fourth lowest placed teams in the Division 3 leagues plays promotion/relegation play-offs against teams in Division 4. The top team in each Division 3 group is promoted to Division 2 and the two lowest placed teams from each Division 2 league are relegated in their place. The second placed teams in each Division 3 group plays promotion/relegation play-offs against the third lowest teams in Division 2.

Current teams (2007)

;Division 3 Norra Norrland
*Alviks IK
*Gällivare Malmbergets FF
*Hemmingsmarks IF
*Malå IF
*Morön BK
*Munksund/Skuthamns SK
*Notvikens IK
*Ohtana/Aapua FF
*Piteå IF
*Polcirkeln/Svanstein FF
*Sunnanå SK
*Sävast AIF

;Division 3 Mellersta Norrland
*Alnö IF
*Delsbo IF
*Graninge FF
*Junsele IF
*Krokom/Dvärsätts IF
*Lycksele IF
*Mariehem SK
*Ope IF
*Selånger FK
*Stockviks FF
*Svartviks IF
*IFK Östersund

;Division 3 Södra Norrland
*Avesta AIK
*Bollnäs GIF
*Dala-Järna IK
*Gestrike-Hammarby IF
*IK Huge
*Korsnäs IF
*Kvarnsvedens IK
*Ludvika FK
*Smedjebackens FK
*Strands IF
*Söderhamns FF
*Valbo FF

;Division 3 Norra Svealand
*IK Fyris
*Gamla Upsala SK
*Gimo IF
*FC Järfälla
*BKV Norrtälje
*Råsunda IS
*Spånga IS
*Storvreta IK
*Turebergs IF
*Täby IS
*Ängby IF
*IFK Österåker

;Division 3 Östra Svealand
*Boo FF
*FoC Farsta
*Huddinge IF
*Katrineholms SK
*Konyaspor KIF
*Kvicksunds SK
*Oxelösunds IK
*Panellinios IF
*Segeltorps IF
*IK Tellus
*Tyresö FF
*Vagnhärads SK
*Värmdö IF

;Division 3 Västra Svealand
*Adolfsbergs IK
*IK Franke
*Karlslunds IF
*FBK Karlstad
*IFK Kumla
*Kungsörs BK
*Köping FF
*Strömtorps IK
*Västerås BK 30
*IFK Ölme
*Örebro SK Ungdom
*Örebro Syrianska BK

;Division 3 Nordöstra Götaland
*Aneby SK
*Assyriska Föreningen
*Grimsås IF
*Gullringens GoIF
*Hovslätts IK
*Hultsfreds FK
*Lindö FF
*Mjölby AI
*Nässjö FF
*Ulricehamns IFK
*Vimmerby IF
*IK Östria Lambohov

;Division 3 Nordvästra Götaland
*Finlandia/Pallo IF
*IK Kongahälla
*Kungshamns IF
*Kållereds SK
*Romelanda IF
*Slottskogen/Godhem IF
*Stenungsunds IF
*Sävedalens IF
*Utsiktens BK
*IF Väster
*Ytterby IS
*Åsebro IF

;Division 3 Mellersta Götaland
*Alingsås IF
*Annelunds IF
*IFK Falköping
*Floda BoIF
*IK Gauthiod
*Gerdskens BK
*Götene IF
*Holmalunds IF
*Mariedals IK
*IFK Mariestad
*IFK Trollhättan
*Skara FC

;Division 3 Sydöstra Götaland
*Färjestadens GoIF
*Hovmantorp GoIF
*Ifö/Bromölla IF
*Jämjö GoIF
*Kalmar AIK
*Nosaby IF
*Nybro IF
*Rydaholms GoIF
*Saxemara IF
*Växjö Norra IF
*Älmhults IF

;Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland
*IFK Fjärås
*Gantofta IF
*IS Halmia
*Hinneryds IF
*Höganäs BK
*IF Leikin
*Markaryds IF
*Påarps GIF
*Sennans IF
*Snöstorp Nyhem FF
*Tvååkers IF
*Åstorps FF

;Division 3 Södra Götaland
*Asmundtorps IF
*FBK Balkan
*Eslövs BK
*Höörs IS
*IFK Klagshamn
*Kulladals FF
*Limhamns IF
*Sjöbo IF
*Stavstens IF
*Tomelilla IF
*Veberöds AIF
*Ystads IF

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