Sarza Criolla

Sarza Criolla

Sarza Criolla is South American salsa.


Cleave one onion from top to bottom, along the grain, then slice it fine across the grain, forming half-rings. Rinse in cold water, soak in cold water for >5 minutes, and rinse again. This procedure washes away the contents of the plant cells destroyed by the knife, taking the sting out of the onion's flavor.

Squeeze over it the juice of one lime.

All remaining ingredients are optional.

Toss in:
* salt
* chopped cilantro
* chopped boiled potatoes
* chopped boiled or pickled beets
* chopped (not mashed) avocado
* chopped chili peppers
* chopped tomatoes

Serve on top of:
* toast
* slabs of boiled potatoes
* seafood
* meat
* rice
* tamales
* Quesadillas

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