Sin Senos no hay Paraíso

Sin Senos no hay Paraíso

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show_name = Sin Senos no hay Paraíso

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format = Romance, Exploitation, Telenovela
camera = Multi-camera
picture_format = Color
runtime = 42 minutes
creator = Gustavo Bolivar
developer = Telemundo Studios
RTI Colombia
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executive_producer = Hugo León Ferrer
Mary-Kathryn Kennedy
director = Miguel Varoni
Ramiro Meneses
editor = José Luis Varón
starring = Carmen Villalobos
Catherine Siachoque
María Fernanda Yépez
Aylin Mujica
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theme_music_composer = Héctor Cardona Jr.
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country = USA
language = Spanish
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first_aired = June 16, 2008
last_aired = November 13, 2008
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preceded_by = Pecados Ajenos
followed_by = El Rostro de Analía
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Sin Senos no hay Paraíso (literally, "Without Breasts There Is No Paradise") is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo. [] It is adapted from "Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso", a 2006 Caracol TV serial, which was a hit in Colombia. Telemundo claims its version is "set to launch a new era in television" []

"Paraíso"'s story is based on investigative journalist Gustavo Bolivar's eponymous debut novel. It features an attractive young prostitute who seeks massive breast implants to attract a rich cocaine smuggler. [] The show's debut drew 749,000 adults (aged 18 to 49), making it one of the network's most-watched premieres ever. []

"Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso" replaced "Pecados Ajenos" in Telemundo's 10 p.m. (ET/PT) time slot on June 16, 2008. [] Telemundo began shooting the series at Telemundo's production centers in Bogota and Girardot, Colombia, as well as its studio in Sinaloa, Mexico, [] on April 15, 2008. It euphemistically said this melodrama is about "a young woman "who makes the wrong decisions in order to escape poverty." []


When the desire to get ahead turns into blind ambition, it is capable of leading someone, and all their values, directly to the edge of a cliff.

"Without Breasts There Is No Paradise" is a story of Catalina, a young girl in Colombia ,Pereira, who is willing to risk everything in order to escape the poverty she lives in and fulfill dreams, even if this means putting her life and her integrity in jeopardy.

Her mother Hilda, a lovely hard working woman with no resources to provide her children with luxuries, expends boundless energy in her efforts to push both her children, Catalina and Bayron to prosper.

In spite of their mother's efforts, Bayron and Catalina's situation is filled with poverty and need. Catalina is a beautiful young woman but not as voluptuous as her friends, who use this as their ticket to render sexual services as "call girls" to the powerful men that are part of the drug trafficking world.

Yesica, Catalina's best friend, entered the world of "call girls" with her own business: recruiting, selecting, and leading groups of women for whom the drug traffickers pay in advance to receive sexual services. Yesica leads Catalina by the hand into perdition, convincing her that this is the only way she has to get away from her poverty.

Once inside, Catalina falls into the manipulative hands of Lorena (Yesica's equivalent in Mexico) who, together with Martinez, an important member of the Juarez Cartel, convinces inexperienced young women from Colombia to undergo breast surgery as a means of obtaining better life in another country. What they don't know is that in reality he uses them as "mules", sending them to Mexico while smuggling cocaine in their implants.

Catalina, dazzled by a world of riches and a life full of luxuries, decides not to continue her relationship with her boyfriend Albeiro, a young man from her town who has very few ambitions, but loves her with all his heart. She decides to search for someone who can pay for or finance her surgery of silicon breast implants since, according to her belief, this is the one thing that will allow her the life she so longs for.

And because of his families poverty, Bayron becomes a hired killer, he will kill and hurt people for them, and because of what he does he will a have to face a tragic ending. And he also tries to make money so his girlfriend Ximena won't have to be a "call girl" anymore and he will be able to marry her and be able to support her. His closest friends and also hired killers are Balin and Jota.

With a series of obstacles and setbacks, Catalina will have to endure humiliation, physical and mental abuse, which will finally lead her to personal tragedy, as a result of her immeasurable ambition.


Gustavo Bolivar's heroine is a "prepago", or "pre-paid girl," which means she sells her services around-the-clock for a set period, hoping to make extra money.and get laid. [] The screenwriter says "Paraíso" highlights an unflattering part of his country: teenagers in the Colombian narco-culture getting the breast implants. He explained in July, 2007,

When I wrote it, I never imagined that such a local story could transcend. What happens is that it touches a theme that is indeed universal: the beauty based in vanity and its connection with money.... No book before had denounced in such bad terms the drug dealers, the ignorant mothers who confuse the love for their daughters with pimping, and the unscrupulous plastic surgeons. []

Bolívar says the story is based on real-life conditions facing child prostitutes in the town of Pereira. There he met two girls who were desperate for silicone breast implants. One told him that she got her operation in exchange for sex. Unfortunately, the doctor used a pair of used implants that led to allergic reactions and infection. []


+ "In Order of Appearance:"



"Original Story Based on a Book “Without Tits There is no Paradise” by"
*Gustavo Bolívar

*Gustavo Bolívar

"Costume Design / Mexico"
*Alejandro Gastelum

"Art Direction / Mexico"
*Alejandro Caraza

"Production Supervisor / Mexico"
*Martha Godoy

"2nd Unit Director / Mexico"
*Max Zunino

"Unit Manager / Mexico"
*Víctor Horcasitas

"Costume Design"
*Patricia Rodríguez

"Set Design"
*Jorge Parra

"Production Design"
*Romel Amador

"Art Direction"
*Piedad Arango

"Directors of Photography"
*Juan Pablo Puentes
*Edgar Neisa

"Makeup Artist"
*Adriana Ortíz

"Camera Direction"
*Orlando Pirela
*Wilmer Bañol

"Incidental Music"
*Miguel de Narváez

"Sound Design"
*Héctor Cardona Jr.

*José Luís Varón

"Production Chief"
*Jorge Sastoque Roa

*Ramiro Meneses
*Miguel Varoni

"Executive Producer / Mexico"
*M-K Kennedy

"Executive Producer"
*Hugo León Ferrer

"The Production of"
*Telemundo Studios
*RTI Colombia

Original Broadcast Dates, Titles and Ratings

Telemundo's broadcast debut on Monday night (June 16) of the provocative novela, "Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso," ("Without Breasts There is No Paradise") attracted a record network audience during the 10 p.m. time period of nearly 750,000 among adults 18 to 49, per Nielsen Media Research.

With new numbers the novel is continuing being the most watchable novel for Telemundo with 881,000 among 18 to 49, per Nielsen Media Research. This is 11% more then the audience in July and 20% more then of the June.

The Last week of the August the novel had the most high score of audience with 949,000 among adults of 18 to 49, per Nielsen Media research. It's 31% share of the spanish language television Networks of the week.

The novela was the network's most-watched premiere episode to date in the time slot, ahead of the network premieres of "Tierra de Pasiones" and "Victoria," per the Nielsen Television Index (NTI).


*06.16.2008----------Episode 001 ... Sueños Lejanos------------------7.0
*06.17.2008----------Episode 002 ... Búsqueda Riesgosa---------------6.6
*06.18.2008----------Episode 003 ... Trampa Ambiciosa----------------6.4
*06.19.2008----------Episode 004 ... Inocente Peligro----------------6.7
*06.20.2008----------Episode 005 ... Rumbos Diferentes---------------6.8
*06.23.2008----------Episode 006 ... Sorpresas Amargas---------------5.6
*06.24.2008----------Episode 007 ... Crueles Consecuencias-----------5.6
*06.25.2008----------Episode 008 ... Ojo por Ojo---------------------6.1
*06.26.2008----------Episode 009 ... Venganza Cumplida---------------6.9
*06.27.2008----------Episode 010 ... Espejismo de Vida---------------6.3
*06.30.2008----------Episode 011 ... Camino Espinoso-----------------7.5


*07.01.2008----------Episode 012 ... Amor vs Interés-----------------6.4
*07.02.2008----------Episode 013 ... Libertad Pérdida----------------8.0
*07.03.2008----------Episode 014 ... Esperanza Frustrada-------------6.8
*07.04.2008----------Episode 015 ... Peligroso Deseo-----------------???
*07.07.2008----------Episode 016 ... Anheles Frustrados--------------6.6
*07.08.2008----------Episode 017 ... Hora del Desquite---------------6.8
*07.09.2008----------Episode 018 ... Propuesta Tentativa-------------6.8
*07.10.2008----------Episode 019 ... Trampas Inesperadas-------------6.8
*07.11.2008----------Episode 020 ... Riesgo de Vida------------------5.8
*07.14.2008----------Episode 021 ... Pacto Pagado--------------------7.1
*07.15.2008----------Episode 022 ... Ardiente y Sensual--------------7.1
*07.16.2008----------Episode 023 ... Pasaporte al Cielo--------------???
*07.17.2008----------Episode 024 ... Juego del Destino---------------6.3
*07.18.2008----------Episode 025 ... Rivales de Amor-----------------???
*07.21.2008----------Episode 026 ... Intruso Deseado-----------------7.4
*07.22.2008----------Episode 027 ... Mentiras Piadosas---------------7.6
*07.23.2008----------Episode 028 ... Hipócrita Conciencia------------7.2
*07.24.2008----------Episode 029 ... Cuenta de Cobro-----------------7.4
*07.25.2008----------Episode 030 ... Coincidencias Peligrosas--------6.3
*07.28.2008----------Episode 031 ... Aventuras Frustradas------------6.9
*07.29.2008----------Episode 032 ... Extrañas Ironías----------------???
*07.30.2008----------Episode 033 ... La Muerte Acecha----------------7.4
*07.31.2008----------Episode 034 ... Billete y Plomo-----------------7.3


*08.01.2008----------Episode 035 ... Juegos Seductores---------------???
*08.04.2008----------Episode 036 ... Rogando Humillación-------------7.2
*08.05.2008----------Episode 037 ... Jugando con Candela-------------8.0
*08.07.2008----------Episode 038 ... Luz Perdida---------------------6.6
*08.08.2008----------Episode 039 ... Deudas Pendientes---------------7.0
*08.11.2008----------Episode 040 ... Promesas de Aire----------------7.5
*08.12.2008----------Episode 041 ... Balas de Verdad-----------------7.6
*08.13.2008----------Episode 042 ... Todo a la Luz-------------------7.7
*08.14.2008----------Episode 043 ... Peligro Latente-----------------7.4
*08.15.2008----------Episode 044 ... Tácticas Fallidas---------------7.6
*08.18.2008----------Episode 045 ... Hora del Desquite---------------7.6
*08.19.2008----------Episode 046 ... Ambiciones Traicioneras---------7.7
*08.21.2008----------Episode 047 ... Hechos Oscuros------------------7.8
*08.22.2008----------Episode 048 ... Vida Vendida--------------------6.0
*08.25.2008----------Episode 049 ... Culpas Ajenas-------------------7.3
*08.26.2008----------Episode 050 ... Reproche de Muerte--------------7.5
*08.27.2008----------Episode 051 ... Cosas Desechables---------------7.8
*08.29.2008----------Episode 052 ... Enfrentar Temores---------------7.9


*09.01.2008----------Episode 053 ... Promesas Desconocidas-----------7.8
*09.02.2008----------Episode 054 ... Enfrentar Temores---------------8.0
*09.03.2008----------Episode 055 ... Diablos y Ángeles---------------8.7
*09.04.2008----------Episode 056 ... Trampa Angelical----------------7.5
*09.05.2008----------Episode 057 ... Dulce Tragedia------------------8.6
*09.08.2008----------Episode 058 ... Amistad de Hierro---------------8.3
*09.09.2008----------Episode 059 ... Traición a la Mexicana----------8.3
*09.11.2008----------Episode 060 ... Condena de Palabra--------------8.9
*09.12.2008----------Episode 061 ... Sentencia Declarada-------------???
*09.15.2008----------Episode 062 ... Sueños de Vanidad---------------8.0
*09.16.2008----------Episode 063 ... Mundo de Plástico---------------8.9
*09.17.2008----------Episode 064 ... Perdiendo Terreno---------------8.7
*09.18.2008----------Episode 065 ... Reñida Competencia--------------7.3
*09.19.2008----------Episode 066 ... ¿Sonrisas para el Titi?---------8.5
*09.22.2008----------Episode 067 ... Sentencia Final-----------------8.8
*09.23.2008----------Episode 068 ... Corona Reñida-------------------9.9
*09.25.2008----------Episode 069 ... Obsesiones Perversas------------9.3
*09.29.2008----------Episode 070 ... Jugar Con Candela---------------9.4
*09.30.2008----------Episode 071 ... Malas Decisiones----------------9.2


*10.01.2008----------Episode 072 ... Sueños que Mueren---------------10.1
*10.03.2008----------Episode 073 ... El Último Adiós-----------------???------20 minute episode.
*10.06.2008----------Episode 074 ... Amor que Mata-------------------8.7
*10.08.2008----------Episode 075 ... Actos Valientes-----------------9.1
*10.09.2008----------Episode 076 ... Golpe de Traición---------------
*10.10.2008----------Episode 077 ... Balas de Rencor-----------------???------20 minute episode.
*10.13.2008----------Episode 078 ...
*10.14.2008----------Episode 079 ...
*10.16.2008----------Episode 080 ... FINAL
*10.17.2008----------Episode 081 ...------20 minute episode.
*10.20.2008----------Episode 082 ...------20 minute episode.
*10.21.2008----------Episode 083 ...
*10.22.2008----------Episode 084 ...
*10.23.2008----------Episode 085 ...
*10.24.2008----------Episode 086 ...------20 minute episode.
*10.27.2008----------Episode 087 ...
*10.28.2008----------Episode 088 ...
*10.29.2008----------Episode 089 ...
*10.30.2008----------Episode 090 ...
*10.31.2008----------Episode 091 ...------20 minute SPECIAL EPISODE.

20 Minutes Episode is a merged One episode to two parts. This kind of Episodes air on Fridays mostly since 3 October.


Telemundo is expected to air the serial from Monday to Friday over about 15 weeks. It is an extended version of the story, which only ran 30 episodes in Colombia. [] (The original version's finale scored a record 63 percent share of Colombian viewers. [] ) Also, the actresses playing teenagers are clearly older than their roles; star Carmen Villalobos was 24 when filming began.

After this show was unveiled at Telemundo's May 2008 upfront, Bob Sassone of "AOL Television" remarked that this show "gives the term 'upfront' a whole new meaning." [] In addition, the network had talked about adding a major co-production partner to the telenovela. [] As with most of its soap operas, Telemundo broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.


Telemundo originally billed the show as "Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso" [] . The network was expected to soften the title, because many consider the word "tetas" a vulgar equivalent of the English word "tits." [] In the end, the word "senos" was used to avoid conflict with FCC regulators over indecent languange. Creator Bolivar said the change was a pity; he also said he toned down some scenes for the US telenovela format. [] Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso will be aired on Televisa Network on XEW / El Canal De Las Estrellas taking over the prime time that is being occupied by Fuego en La Sangre. Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso will be the first production ( in 27 years ) not made in Mexico that will be given the best prime schedule.

English Version

:"See Without Breasts There Is No Paradise"
NBC Universal commissioned both English and Spanish versions of the Colombian serial to be produced independently. [] The English version, produced by Universal Media Studios with a different cast and script, is in development for NBC [] during the 2009-2010 season - or beyond. [] It will likely deviate from the usual telenovela format, along the lines of Ugly Betty. [] []

Book Release

Random House Spanish owns the US rights to Bolivar’s original. It plans to work with Telemundo to cross-promote the book and the series. The publisher acquired the best-seller from Colombian publisher Oveja Negra Editores earlier in 2007. []


* cite book
author = Bolivar, Gustavo
title = "Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso"
location= Bogotá | publisher=Oveja Negra
year = 2006
pages = 300 pp
id = ISBN 84-934791-3-6

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