Test Automation FX

Test Automation FX

Test Automation FX is a Windows GUI test automation framework for Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008.

Test Automation FX requires no special knowledge when it comes to custom-made scripting language, since it stores all test logic in .NET code. The test logic is for maintenance reasons separated from the user interface mapping to simplify when (tested) applications change over time, and the test recording support has been developed with aim to generate readable and understandable code to support and facilitate collaboration between software tester and software developer.

By its framework approach Test Automation FX aim to enable generic and / or individual key customizations and adoptions within development teams, and by integrating with Visual Studio it supports development process integration and aim to utilize the benefits of Visual Studio functionality.

Test Automation FX is currently only focused on testing Windows GUI and has only limited support for web testing.

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