Silk industry in China

Silk industry in China

China is the world's largest silk producer. In 2005, it accounted for 74 percent of the global raw silk production and 90 percent of the world export market. [Ministry of Commerce Statistics]

Industrial plans

Local governments have and are continuing to introduce new facilities that are expected to bring in latest high-end silk manufacturing machinery that will elevate both the quality and the quantity of the silk being produced in China. It is estimated that it will render significant revenue increases as its new facilities brings increased production and distribution capabilities.

There are a number of material preferential benefits. These government incentives include such as land policy exemptions, tax breaks, project prioritization (priority in review and approval of applications), and Energy discounts (upon approval, company can receive discounts of fees related to water, electric, gas, etc).


Different than the East coast of China, the silk industry has more emphasis on silk reprocessing, Western parts is more focused on raw silk production due to its natural weather and soil conditions, mostly in Chongqing and Yunnan areas. Also as the land cost and manpower cost is increasing on the east coast, business is shifting to the west.With the government's preferential policies, Chongqing's silk industry has seen some significant developments.

Foreign investment

Foreign investment has helped develop the silk industry. Foreign investment has optimized the structure of local silk companies, and brought in new technology.

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