Kapingamarangi is an atoll and a municipality in the state of Pohnpei of the Federated States of Micronesia. It is by far the most southerly atoll or island of the country and of Micronesia and of the Caroline Islands, 300 km south of the next southerly atoll, Nukuoro, and 740 km southwest of the main island of Pohnpei state. Kapingamarangi has a population of about 500 (as of 2007). Their language is Polynesian. The main industry is fishing.

The total area of the atoll, including the lagoon, is 74 km². Out of this, 1.1 km² is land area, spread over 30 wooded islets on the eastern side of the atoll. The western reef rim of the atoll is almost submerged at high water. Touhou Island, which reaches a height 35 meters and is connected to Veilua Island (Ueru Island) in the north by a causeway, is the capital of the municipality, the center of population and the home of a native chief. Most of the population resides on these two islets, plus on Taringa (south of Touhou), although many of the remaining islets are used for growing fruit and vegetables.

The Kapingamarangans refer to themselves as "Kirinese" and are known for their handicrafts, with the men carving and the women weaving. They typically carve various trinkets out of the flesh of an ivory nut. They are also well known for their shark carvings, wall hangings, mobiles, woven mats, shell jewelry and turtle-shaped ukuleles.Fact|date=May 2007

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