Journal of Economic Theory

Journal of Economic Theory

The "Journal of Economic Theory", often referred to as "JET", is an important scholarly journal in the field of economics. Although the journal was originally intended as a specialty journal in mathematical economics, "JET" is now generally regarded as the leading journal in economic theory and one of the core journals in all of economics.

Karl Shell has served as editor of the journal since its inception in 1968. Since 2000, Shell has shared the editorship, with Jess Benhabib from 2000-2004, later with Alessandro Lizzeri and currently with Christian Hellwig. Roughly 45 prominent economists representing many subfields serve on the editorial board as associate editors. Edward McDevitt and Susan W. Schulze are the "JET" administrative editors. The "Journal of Economic Theory" has offices at Cornell University and UCLA, and is currently published by Elsevier.

In some recent studies, "JET" has ranked fourth among all journals in economics in impact-adjusted citations, behind only the American Economic Review, Econometrica, and the Journal of Political Economy. However, in 2005, JET had an impact factor of 0.911 Thomson ISI, which would rank the journal much lower.

The "Journal of Economic Theory" has an acceptance rate of roughly 10% for papers submitted to the journal.

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