Blizzard (comics)

Blizzard (comics)


real_name=- Gregor Shapanka
- Donald Gill
- Randy Macklin
publisher=Marvel Comics
"Tales of Suspense" #45 (Sept. 1963) (as Jack Frost)
"Iron Man" #223 (Oct. 1987)
"Marvel Holiday Special" (1992)
alliances= (Gill)
Stark Industries
aliases= (Shapanka)
Jack Frost
powers= Ice projection and limited manipulation|

The Blizzard is the name of three fictional characters that appear in comic books published by Marvel Comics.The first appears in "Tales of Suspense" #45 (Sept. 1963) as a supervillain in the period referred to as the Silver Age of Comic Books. This version is currently deceased. The next version first appears in "Iron Man" #223 (Oct. 1987), while the final version first appears in the "Marvel Holiday Special" (1992).

Fictional character biography

Gregor Shapanka

Gregor Shapanka is a Hungarian scientist obsessed with immortality, and decides studying cryonics is the first step towards his goal. Shapanka then joins the company Stark Industries to fund his research, and eventually attempts to steal directly from Tony Stark - secretly the hero Iron Man. Shapanka is caught and fired, but not before stealing technology to create a suit containing cold-generating devices. Using the alias Jack Frost Shapanka attempts to raid Stark Industries, but is defeated by Iron Man. ["Tales of Suspense" #45 (Sept. 1963)]

Several years later, Shapanka returns with an updated suit and using the alias Blizzard. He again attempts to steal from Stark Industries and is once again defeated by Iron Man. ["Iron Man" #86 - 87 (Apr. - May 1976)] Shortly thereafter, Shapanka reconstructs his cold-suit in prison; but when Electro uses his electrical powers to break out of the adjoining cell, Shapanka is caught in the blast and the suit is fused to his body. Electro and the Blizzard then join forces to take over the Daily Bugle, but are stopped by Spider-Man and Daredevil. ["Marvel Team-Up" #56 (Apr. 1977)] Some months later criminal mastermind Justin Hammer hires the Blizzard to join an army of supervillains and battle Iron Man, who subsequently beats the Blizzard twice in a matter of days. ["Iron Man" #123 - 124 + 127 (June - July + Oct. 1979)] Shapanka then briefly resumes his Jack Frost identity and battles the Hulk. ["Hulk" #249]

Some time later the Blizzard attempts a bank robbery but is thwarted by Spider-Man. Blizzard then mistakes a villainous version of Iron Man from the year 2020 for the modern Iron Man and attempts to ambush him. The future Iron Man, however, is on an urgent mission and instantly kills the Blizzard with a repulsor blast. ["Spider-Man" Annual #20 (1986)]

Donald Gill

Randy Macklin

Randall "Randy" Macklin, an ex-criminal, fails to find work following his release from prison and uses a spare Blizzard costume he was safeguarding for friend Donald Gill. Macklin, however, is quickly defeated by Iron Man, who then offers him a legitimate job at Stark Enterprises. ["Marvel Holiday Special" (1992)]

Powers and abilities

All three villains have similar powers which derive from their costumes. Micro-circuited cryogenic units make it possible to emit freezing rays which instantly lower the temperature of the surrounding air or objects and also release ice as a projectile. The current costume used by Donny Gill has been upgraded by the supervillains Beetle and the Fixer and allows for even greater manipulation of cold, as Gill can encase people in snow and ice, create an ice barricade, or generate "ice sleds" for transport.

For a brief period of time, a power overload of Shapanka's battery pack apparently gave him the psionic ability to generate intense cold and animate ice statues without artificial aids.

Shapanka was a gifted scientist, with considerable scientific expertise and laboratory skills, with a PhD. in biochemistry and physics.

Other media


* The original Blizzard appears as Jack Frost in the Iron Man segment of "The Marvel Superheroes" (1966).
* A version of the Blizzard appears in the 1994 "Iron Man "animated series voiced by Chuck McCann (though Neil Ross voiced him in "The Beast Within").
* Blizzard (Donnie Gill) has been confirmed to appear in "". []


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