Army ranks and insignia of the Austro-Hungarian Army

Army ranks and insignia of the Austro-Hungarian Army

Rank insignias as worn by the Austro-Hungarian Land Forces after the reorganisation in 1867 until 1918



The ranks displayed after the "/" are the Hungarian equivalents of the Austrian ranks, since they were used in this format in the Magyar Királyi Honvédség (Royal Hungarian Home Defence Forces).

Collar rank insignias


The embroideries of the collars of the ranks Major to Colonel were always in the same color as the tunic buttons (silver/gold). The rank stars were converse (silver embroidery - golden star(s))
The ranks Lieutenant to Captain had stars in the same color as the tunic buttons.


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Military ranks of Austria

Military ranks of Hungary


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name = Military of Austria-Hungary
title = Military of Austria-Hungary

group1 = Army
list1 = k. u. k. Armee * Imperial Austrian Army * Royal Hungarian Army * Formations* Army ranks and insignia of the Austro-Hungarian Army

group2 = Navy
list2 = k. u. k. Kriegsmarine · List of Ships of the Austro-Hungarian Navy · List of U-Boats of the Austro-Hungarian Navy
group3 = Airforce
list3 = K.u.K. Luftfahrtruppen· Aircraft of the Austro-Hungarian Airforce

group4 = Ministers for War
list4 = Feldmarschalleutnant Franz Freiherr von John *Feldmarschalleutnant Franz Kuhn Freiherr Kuhn von Kuhnenfeld * General der Kavallerie Alexander Freiherr von Koller * Feldzeugmeister Arthur Maximilian Graf Bylandt-Rheydt (der Ältere) * Feldzeugmeister Ferdinand Freiherr Bauer * Feldzeugmeister Rudolf Freiherr Merkl * General der Kavallerie Edmund Freiherr von Krieghammer *Feldzeugmeister Heinrich Ritter von Pitreich * General der Infanterie Franz Freiherr Schönaich * General der Infanterie Moritz Ritter Auffenberg von Komarów * Feldmarschal Alexander Freiherr von Krobatin * Generaloberst Rudolf Stöger-Steiner Edler von Steinstätten

group5 = Commanders
list5 = Archduke Eugen of Austria * Franz Rohr von Denta * Eduard von Böhm-Ermolli * Svetozar Boroevic von Bojna * Archduke Joseph August of Austria * Franz Böhme * Svetozar Boroević * Günther Burstyn * Georg Dragičević * Karol Durski-Trzaska * Gheorghe Flondor * Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski * Archduke Josef Ferdinand, Prince of Tuscany * Louis Nolan * Rudolf Maister * Artur Phleps * Oskar Potiorek * Alfred Redl * Maximilian Ronge * Viktor Dankl von Krasnik * Viktor Graf von Scheuchenstuel * Stefan Sarkotić * Gottfried von Banfield *Archduke Charles Stephen of Austria * Miklós Horthy * Franz von Keil * Giovanni Luppis * Georg Ludwig von Trapp * Janko Vuković

group6 = Commanders-in-Chief of the Navy
list6 = VAdm. Wilhelm von Tegetthoff * VAdm. Friedrich Freiherr von Pöck * VAdm. Maximilian Daublebsky Freiherr von Sterneck * VAdm. Hermann Freiherr von Spaun VAdm. * Rudolf Graf/Conte Montecuccoli * Grand Adm. Anton Haus * Grand Adm. Anton Haus * Adm. Maximilian Njegovan

group7 = Heads of the Naval Section
list7 = VAdm. Wilhelm von Tegetthoff * VAdm. Friedrich Freiherr von Pöck * VAdm. Maximilian Daublebsky Freiherr von Sterneck * VAdm. Hermann Freiherr von Spaun VAdm. * Rudolf Graf/Conte Montecuccoli * Grand Adm. Anton Haus * Adm. Karl Kailer von Kagenfels * Adm. Maximilian Njegovan * RAdm Franz von Holub

group8 = Chiefs of the General Staff
list8 = Feldmarschalleutnant Josef Wilhelm Freiher von Gallina * Feldmarschalleutnant Franz Freiherr von John * Feldmarschalleutnant Anton Freiherr von Schönfeld * Feldzeugmeister Friedrich Graf von Beck-Rzikowsky * Franz Graf Conrad von Hötzendorf * Austro-Hungarian Army#RanksGeneralmajor Blasius Schemua * General der Infanterie Arthur Arz von Straussenburg

group9 = Commanders-in-Chief of the Army
list9 = Archduke Albert, Duke of Teschen * Franz Joseph * Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen * Karl I * Hermann Kövess von Kövessháza

group10 = Supreme Commanders
list10 = Franz Joseph * Karl I


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