Kosmos 2175

Kosmos 2175
Kosmos 2175
Operator VKS
Bus Yantar-4K2
Mission type Reconnaissance
Launch date 15:00 GMT, 21 January 1992
Carrier rocket Soyuz-U
Launch site Site 43/3, Plesetsk Cosmodrome
Orbital decay 20 March 1992
Orbital elements
Regime LEO
Inclination 67.1°
Apoapsis 347 kilometres (216 mi)
Periapsis 158 kilometres (98 mi)
Orbital period 89.6 minutes

Kosmos 2175 (Russian: Космос-2175 meaning Cosmos 2175) was a Russian Yantar-4K2 photo reconnaissance satellite. It was the first satellite to be launched by the Russian Federation, following the breakup of the Soviet Union. It was launched by a Soyuz-U carrier rocket, flying from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, on 21 January 1992.[1]

It was the 63rd Yantar-4K2 satellite. Yantar-4K2 spacecraft are also designated Kobal't. Kosmos 2175 was deorbited, and recovered after atmospheric re-entry, on 20 March 1992, following a successful mission. Prior to this, two capsules had been returned with imagery aboard.


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