Pirate (disambiguation)

Pirate (disambiguation)

__NOTOC__Pirate can refer to:

Criminal acts of piracy

* Piracy, specifically maritime piracy
* Aircraft hijacking, commonly known as air piracy
* Biopiracy
* Copyright infringement
* Misappropriation of traditional knowledge
* Oyster pirate
* Patent infringement
* Pirate radio
* Trademark infringement
* Yoga piracy

Print and media

* Space pirate, a common theme in science fiction


* "Pirates of the Caribbean" (theme park ride)
* "Pirates of the Caribbean" (film series), based on the ride
* "Pirate", a film in development by Priyadarshan
* "Pirates" (1986 film), directed by Roman Polanski
* "The Pirate", a 1948 American musical film
* "The Pirate", a 1978 TV movie starring Franco Nero
* "Pirates" (2005 film), a pornographic film
* "", based on the song of the same name
* "The Pirates of Penzance" (1983 film), based on the Joseph Papp production of the Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera
* "The Pirate Movie", an Australian film starring Kristy McNichol, largely based on the comic opera


* "The Pirates", an opera by composer Stephen Storace that premiered in 1792
* "The Pirates of Penzance", a comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan
* "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything", a cover of a VeggieTales song, by the Christian rock band Relient K


* "Piracy" (comic)
* "The Pirate", a novel by Harold J. Robbins
* "The Pirate" (novel), by Sir Walter Scott
* "The Pirate" (Anderson), a science fiction short story by Poul Anderson
* "Pirate", a pornographic magazine published by Private Media Group

Video games

* "Sid Meier's Pirates!", a 1987 computer game
** "Sid Meier's Pirates!" (2004), a remake
* "Pirates of the Burning Sea", a 2008 MMORPG
* "", a 2008 video game available for Wii
* "", a 2008 video game available for Nintendo DS

porting teams

* The Pittsburgh Pirates, U.S. Major League Baseball team and the first team to use the name "Pirates"
* Bristol Rovers F.C., a UK football team nicknamed "The Pirates"
* Cornish Pirates, UK rugby team
* East Carolina University, U.S., school nickname "The Pirates"
* East Kilbride Pirates, UK American Football team
* Greece national football team, nicknamed "The Pirate Ship" after their success at UEFA Euro 2004
* Hampton University's athletic division, nicknamed "The Pirates"
* Orlando Pirates, South African football (soccer) team
* The original name of the Pittsburgh Steelers
* The Pittsburgh Pirates, an NHL hockey franchise, later the Philadelphia Quakers
* Poole Pirates, England Motorcycle speedway team
* Portland Pirates, U.S. hockey team

Other uses

* Lego Pirates
* Piratbyrån, a Swedish organisation that promotes copyright infringement
* "Pirate" (R-Class Sloop), a racing boat listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places
* Pirates constructible strategy game
* Pirates in terms of global warming
* The Pirate Party, a Swedish political party
* The Pirate Bay, a Swedish Web site which serves as an index for torrent files
* International Talk Like a Pirate Day

See also

* List of fictional pirates

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