Ibis (disambiguation)

Ibis (disambiguation)

An Ibis is a long-legged bird.

Ibis or IBIS may also refer to:

* Interagency Border Inspection System
* Input Output Buffer Information Specification, a semiconductor simulation model
* Hotel Ibis, a hotel company.
* Ibis (journal), the journal of the British Ornithologists' Union
* IBIS (journal), the online scientific journal International Journal of Interoperability in Business Information Systems
* Ibis Nieves, a contestant on Road Rules X-treme Season 13
* Ibis the Invincible, a heroic magician appearing in Fawcett Comics and DC Comics
* Ibis (Ovid), a single extant poem written in elegiac couplets by the Roman poet Ovid
* Integrated Ballistics Identification System, developed by Forensic Technology WAI Inc.
* Ibis Aerospace, a joint Czech-Taiwan aerospace company
* Aero Ae 270 Ibis, a Czech designed civilian utility aircraft under development
* Issue-Based Information System, notation for the Argumentative Design methodology to tackle a Wicked problem
* Sebastian the Ibis, the mascot of the University of Miami Hurricanes
* IBIS, an artificial intelligence unit, the villain in the PlayStation 2 video game ""

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