Academic grading in South Africa

Academic grading in South Africa

In South Africa, the grading system used in schools until 2008 is shown as follows:

*A: 80 - 100% (achieved by 2-10% of students)
*B: 70 - 79% (achieved by 8-15% of students)
*C: 60 - 69% (achieved by 20-25% of students)
*D: 50 - 59%
*E: 40 - 49% (pass mark of 40% for higher grade subjects)
*F: 34 - 39%
*FF: 30 - 33% (pass mark of 33% for standard grade and second language subjects)
*G: 20 - 29%
*H: 0 - 19%

An aggregate is calculated by adding a student's best six subjects: each higher grade subject is out of 400, but counts out of 300 (thus 100%+ is achievable), and each standard grade subject and second language is out of 300. An aggregate of over 1680 is an 'A' aggregate (80%), an aggregate of 2100 is 100% and an aggregate of 2400 is possible (114.29%).

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