L. League

L. League

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country = Japan
confed = AFC|
founded = 1989
divisions = 2
teams = 17
relegation = Regional Divisions
levels = 1-2|
domest_cup = All-Japan Cup
League Cup
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champions = NTV Beleza
season = 2008|
website = http://www.nadeshikoleague.jp/main.php
current = 2008 season

The L. League(in Japanese: "L・リーグ", Officially "日本女子サッカーリーグ","Nihon Joshi Sakkā Rīgu", Pet name "なでしこリーグ","Nadeshiko Rīgu") is the top flight of women's football (soccer) in Japan. It is the women's equivalent of the J. League, but not professional. (Some individual players are professional.)

L-League began in 1989. Players from the 8 L-League teams host an annual training camp to build skills and relationships between L-League and international women's football teams, including US and Australian teams.

Since the 2004 season, the L. League has 2 divisions - Division 1, with 8 clubs, and Division 2 with 8 clubs in the 2006 season. The league operates on the same way as the old Japan Soccer League for men, the bottom club in the second division must play off against a regional league playoff winner. For more information on these teams see "List of women's football clubs in Japan".

Past Champions

*1989 Shimizu F.C. Ladies
*1990 Yomiuri Beleza
*1991 Yomiuri Beleza
*1992 Yomiuri Beleza
*1993 Yomiuri Beleza
*1994 Matsushita L.S.C. Bambina
*1995 Prima Ham F.C. Kunoichi
*1996 Nikko Securities Dream Ladies
*1997 Nikko Securities Dream Ladies
*1998 Nikko Securities Dream Ladies
*1999 Prima Ham F.C. Kunoichi
*2000 NTV Beleza
*2001 NTV Beleza
*2002 NTV Beleza
*2003 Tasaki Perule F.C.
*2004 Saitama Reinas F.C.
*2005 NTV Beleza
*2006 NTV Beleza
*2007 NTV Beleza

ee also

*L. League Cup
*All-Japan Women's Football Championship

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* [http://www.nadeshikoleague.jp/main.php Women's Football League in Japan (moc Nadeshiko League) Official Site (in Japanese)]

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