Tobacco Factory

Tobacco Factory

The Tobacco Factory is the last remaining part of the Old Wills Tobacco site on Raleigh Road, Southville, Bristol. It was saved from demolition by Architect George Ferguson and through his vision has become a model of urban regeneration. It is now a multi-use building which houses Teoh's restaurant, a performing arts school, loft-style apartments, a café bar, offices and one of the most exciting performance venues in the country.

Inspired by the Manchester Independents campaign, George Ferguson has decided to launch a Bristol based campaign from the Tobacco Factory. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage the support and patronage of independent outlets and businesses to help redress the balance that has swung strongly in favour of the multiples at the expense of local character and enterprise. Business at the Tobacco Factory epitomises this, with home grown enterprises, such as E3 media, CLIK, Teoh's etc.

The Tobacco Factory was saved for a purpose that goes far beyond just saving the building. The vision was one of reviving the heart of the community with something very different from the industry that created it, with a rich mix of cultural activities, creative industries, learning and living.

The Factory's motto as worn on the shirts of the bar staff is "Strike a light for Independents!"

The Café Bar

The Factory Cafe Bar opened in November 2001 and immediately proved the crying need for something more than traditional pubs in South Bristol. Its tough industrial style; music and lighting; no nonsense open kitchen, with its healthy Mediterranean food and its young friendly staff, has helped to create a welcoming atmosphere.

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