Stephen, Duke of Slavonia

Stephen, Duke of Slavonia

Stephen, Duke of Slavonia (26 December, 1332 - 9 August, 1354) was a Prince of the Kingdom of Hungary. He was governor of Transylvania, Slavonia, Dalmatia and Croatia. [ [ Profile of Stephen in "Medieval Lands" by Charles Cawley] ]


He was the youngest of five sons born to Charles I of Hungary and his third wife Elizabeth of Poland. He was a younger brother of both Louis I of Hungary and Andrew, Duke of Calabria, first consort of Joan I of Naples.

Their paternal grandparents were Charles Martel of Anjou and Clementia of Habsburg. Their maternal grandparents were Władysław I the Elbow-high and Jadwiga of Greater Poland. [ [ Profile of Władysław in "Medieval Lands" by Charles Cawley] ]

Clementia was a daughter of Rudolph I of Germany and Gertrude of Hohenburg. Jadwiga was a daughter of Boleslaus of Greater Poland and Jolenta of Hungary.


Stephen established his own court in 1349, initially as ruler of Szepes and Sáros. He was then established as ruler of Transylvania. He was named ruler of Croatia and Dalmatia in 1351. He became Duke of Slavonia in 1353. [ [ "Knight Kings:The Anjou and Sigismund Age in Hungary (1301 - 1347)"] ]

He died a year later. His son was initially allowed to succeed to his realms. However the separate government of their realms was abolished in 1356. [ [ "Knight Kings:The Anjou and Sigismund Age in Hungary (1301 - 1347)"] ] The oldest part of Buda Castle in Budapest was established by Stephen. Only the foundations remained of that Stephen's Tower (Hungarian: "István-torony").

Marriage and children

In January, 1350, Stephen married Margarete of Bavaria. She was a daughter of Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor and Margaret II, Countess of Hainault. [ [ Profile of Margarete in "Medieval Lands" by Charles Cawley] ] They had two children:

* Elisabeth of Slavonia (1352 - before 1380). Married Philip II of Taranto.
* Jan of Slavonia (1354 - 1363). Designated heir presumptive to his granduncle Casimir III of Poland on 24 June, 1355. Predeceased his uncle.


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