Blue (disambiguation)

Blue (disambiguation)

Blue is a color.

Blue may also refer to:


* Blue (programming language), a free system for teaching object-oriented programming
* BLUE, the Gauss-Markov theorem, the "best linear unbiased estimator" statistical method
* Case Blue, a German offensive during World War II
* Blue, or very rare, a level of doneness in cooking meat

Arts & entertainment

Books, magazines, and comics

* "Blue" (magazine), an Australian gay men's magazine
* "Blue" (manga), a Japanese graphic novel by Kiriko Nananan
* "Blue" (tourism magazine), a New York global adventure magazine
* Blue, a cat in the comic strip "U.S. Acres" by Jim Davis


* "Blue" (1993 film), the last film directed by Derek Jarman
* "Blue" (2001 film), a Japanese film directed by Hiroshi Ando
* "Blue" (2008 film), starring Sunjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Lara Dutta and Zayed Khan.
* "Blue Movie", a 1969 film directed by Andy Warhol
* "", a 1993 French film directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski
* "Blue" (1968 film), a UK film starring Terence Stamp
* "Blue movie", a synonym for pornographic film
* Joseph "Blue" Pulaski, a character in the film "Old School"



* Blue (boy band), a British pop group
* Blue (duo), a 1980s pop duo
* Blue (Scottish band), a 1970s pop band
* Bruford Levin Upper Extremities (B.L.U.E.), a musical group


* "Blue" (Gary Chaw album)
* "Blue" (Closterkeller album)
* "Blue" (Down by Law album)
* "Blue" (Flashlight Brown album)
* "Blue" (The Jesus Lizard album)
* "Blue" (Phil Keaggy album)
* "Blue" (The Mission album)
* "Blue" (Joni Mitchell album)
* "Blue" (LeAnn Rimes album)
* "Blue" (Diana Ross album)
* "Blue" (Simply Red album)
* "Blue" (Third Eye Blind album)


*"Blue" (Eve's Plum song)
*"Blue" (A Perfect Circle song)
*"Blue" (The Rasmus song)
*"Blue" (LeAnn Rimes song)
*"Blue" (The Verve song)
*"Blue (Da Ba Dee)", by Eiffel 65
*"Blue", by Elastica from their album "Elastica"
*"Blue", by Utada Hikaru from her album "Ultra Blue"
*"Blue", by The Jayhawks from their album "Tomorrow the Green Grass"
*"Blue", by Joni Mitchell from her album "Blue"
*"Blue", Yngwie J. Malmsteen
*"Blue", by The Smashing Pumpkins from their EP "Lull"
*"Blue", by System of a Down
*"Blue", a bonus track by Serj Tankian from his album "Elect the Dead"
*"Blue", by Lucinda Williams from her album "Essence"
*"Blue", by Jayhawks from their album "Tomorrow the Green Grass"
*"Blue Flame" and "Blue Prelude" were theme songs of bandleader Woody Herman


* "Blue" (DVD), by Canadian band The Birthday Massacre
* Blue (guitar), the first guitar owned by Billie Joe Armstrong of the American band Green Day


* Blue (NFL Mascot), the mascot of the Indianapolis Colts professional American football team
* Blue (dog), a Bull Terrier owned by Canadian ice hockey commentator Don Cherry
* Blue (university sport), an award given to sportspeople at some universities
* Blue, a live bobcat that serves as one of three official mascots of the University of Kentucky Wildcats
* Blue, in baseball, a slang term used to address the umpire


* Blue (Music TV), a Greek music video channel that broadcasts in North America
* "Blue" ("Red Dwarf" episode), an episode of the British series "Red Dwarf"
* Blue (Blue Gender), a race of insect-like creatures in the anime "Blue Gender"
* Blue (Wolf's Rain), a character in the anime "Wolf's Rain"
* Blue, the title character of the U.S. children's program "Blue's Clues"

Video games

* "Blue" (visual novel), an eroge by Caramel Box
* Blue (Saga Frontier character), a character in the video game "SaGa Frontier"
* Blue (Pokémon), two related, but distinct, fictional characters in the Pokémon franchise


* British Blue, a variant of the British Shorthair cat breed
* Russian Blue, a cat breed
* Polyommatinae, a subfamily of butterflies called blues


* Sandra "Blue" Good, associate of American criminal Charles Manson
* Ben Blue, Canadian actor and comedian
* Billy Blue, Australian convict
* Bob Blue, American singer-songwriter
* David Blue, American singer-songwriter
* Josh Blue, American comedian
* Lionel Blue, British rabbi and broadcaster
* Vida Blue, American baseball player
* Violet Blue, American writer, podcaster, blogger, editor, sex educator, and sex columnist

ee also

* Blues (disambiguation)
* The Blue (disambiguation)
* The Blues (disambiguation)
* Bluing (disambiguation)
* Deep Blue (disambiguation)
* True Blue (disambiguation)
* Bloo disambig

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