Flag Art Exhibition in Gifu

Flag Art Exhibition in Gifu

nihongo|Flag Art Exhibitions in Gifu|岐阜フラッグアート展|Gifu Furaggu Aato-ten is an art exhibition that takes place at various times throughout the year in Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The exhibition spaces takes place along the main street between JR Gifu Station and the Yanagase shopping district.

All of the exhibition pieces are made out of flags measuring Convert|3|m|ft|1|abbr=on in height and Convert|1.8|m|ft|1|abbr=on in width, [http://www.soho-japan.co.jp/flag/index.html Flag Art Display] . ja icon Sōhō Japan. Accessed May 28, 2008.] which are then hung from the arcade over the sidewalks. This was the first flag art event in Japan and has been occurring yearly since 1997. [http://www.chiiki-dukuri-hyakka.or.jp/6_gyomu/event_grandprix/11thevent/01gifu.htm 11th Furusato Event Competition] . ja icon Japan Center for Regional Development. Accessed May 28, 2008.]


The exhibition is held three times throughout the year for different purposes. [http://www.pref.gifu.lg.jp/pref/gib/5_no1/0704/5182.htm Flag Art Exhibition in Gifu] . ja icon Gifu Prefectural Government. Accessed May 28, 2008.] The first exhibition of the year is the "Children's Exhibition" in the spring, which is aimed towards elementary and junior high school students in the city. The second exhibition in the "Message Exhibition" in summer, in which all of the flags focus on an area event or tourist destination. The final exhibition is the "Public Exhibition" in the fall, during which artists throughout the country submit works in a competition; the head judge is Katsuhiko Hibino (日比野 克彦 "Hibino Katsuhiko").


In 1996, the city of Gifu completed a covered shopping arcade Convert|6|m|ft|0|abbr=on and Convert|2|km|mi|0|abbr=on over its downtown shopping area. To commemorate the event, artwork was hung from flags measuring Convert|3|m|ft|1|abbr=on in height and Convert|1.8|m|ft|1|abbr=on in width. [http://www.chuokai-gifu.or.jp/sishoren/flag.htm Gifu Flag Art] . ja icon Gifu-shi Shōtengai Shinkō Kumiai Renkō-kai. Accessed May 29, 2008.] The city decided to continue the event in 1997 with the First Annual Flag Art Exhibition in Gifu. In 2006, the 11th annual exhibition received the grand prize at the "Furusato Event Competition".


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