Systems Research and Behavioral Science

Systems Research and Behavioral Science

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discipline = Systems sciences
editor = Michael C. Jackson
publisher = New York [etc.] : Wiley
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"Systems Research and Behavioral Science" is an international scientific journal for theory and research in the fields of systems sciences.


This journal is is a central journal for the systems theory community. It emphasis on social science, management, psychology and systems thinking, and less on mathematics and technology. The journals focus is on interdisciplinarity, and generalizability of results across levels. [ [ Cybernetics and Systems Journals] , Principia Cybernetica, 2005. Retrieved 17 June 2008.]

The aim and scope of the journal is to publish about new theories, research, and applications relating dealing with systems approaches to organizational and societal structures. [ [ The Journal of Systems Research and Behavioral Science] by IFSR 2006, retrieved 28 May 2008.]

This journal is the official journal of The International Federation for Systems Research intiated by a merge of the journals "Systems research" and "Behavioral science" in 1997. Since 1987 the journal annually publishes General Systems, originally the Yearbook of the Society for General Systems Research.


The four associate editors of the journal are Robert L. Flood, Ranulph Glanville, John N. Warfield and Gerard de Zeeuw, and the honorary editors are Gerhard Chroust and Jifa Gu.

Among the editorial board of the journal are and were:
* Russell L. Ackoff, Kenneth Bailey, Béla H. Bánáthy, Peter Checkland, Alexander Christakis, Charles François, Enrique Herrscher, Kyoichi Kijima, John Pourdehnad, Yong Pil Rhee, G. A. Swanson, Robert Trappl, Werner Ulrich, and Stuart Umpleby.

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Some of the subjects of the journal:
* Behavior analysis of child development, Behavioural change theories, Cognitive science, Concept map, International Commission for Central American Recovery and Development, Living systems, Living systems theory, System, Systemics, Systems science, Systems theory, Thermoeconomics, Charles Geoffrey Vickers.

Some of the authors of the journal:
* Béla A. Bánáthy, Debora Hammond, Loet Leydesdorff

And further:
* List of journals in systems science


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