Ethnophilology is the name of a a new discipline created in Italy by the romance philologist Francesco Benozzo (University of Bologna). The main idea beyond the discipline is a renewed approach to the study of old texts, analysed with a methodology near to the one used by ethnologists, and able to consider them in their relationship with different aspects of the world of which they are part. The first ethnophilological book can be considered Benozzo's "La tradizione smarrita" (Rome, Viella Publisher, 2007), and the "manifesto" of the discipline is an article in Italian titled "Etnofilologia" (published by the journal "Ecdotica", vol. 4, 2007): cfr. Other ethnophilological articles:

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  • Francesco Benozzo — (Modena, Italy, 22/02/69)is a Romance philologist of the University of Bologna. After a degree in Languages and Literatures, he took a first PhD in Romance Philology (University of Bologna) in 1999, and then a second one in Celtic Philology… …   Wikipedia

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