Nazi Boni

Nazi Boni

Nazi Boni (December 31, 1909 in Bwan, Upper Senegal and Niger - May 16, 1969 in Kokologho, Upper Volta) was a politician from Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso). In 1951 Boni was elected to the French National Assembly on behalf of the Voltaic Union. In 1955 Boni founded the African Popular Movement (MPA) after a split from the UV.[1] In January 1957, Boni's MPA took part in the founding of the African Convention, a pan-African party that later merged into the African Regroupment Party.[2]

From December 1957 to February 1958 Boni served as President of the Territorial Assembly [3]. In 1959 he founded a new party, the Republican Party for Liberty, in opposition to the attempts to make Upper Volta a one-party state under the Voltaic Democratic Union. Boni was forced into exile in Dakar, Senegal.[1]

In 1962, Boni wrote a novel, Le Crépuscule des temps anciens (The Twilight of the Bygone Days), which explored the precolonial existence of the Bwamu people.[4]


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