List of Happy Tree Friends Smoochies and Kringles

List of Happy Tree Friends Smoochies and Kringles

This is a list of Happy Tree Friends Smoochies and Kringles.


A smoochie is a video including one character where you give him/her something. You can choose any of three options, but all of them result in the character dying. New Smoochies are currently being worked on.

Cuddles's Pet Smoochie

"Congratulations! You've just adopted a Happy Tree Friend of your very own! Love it to death!"
Feed: A carrot falls down. Cuddles takes a bite out of it & chokes to death due to his carrot allergy.
Sleep: Passes out after being drugged on tranquilizers shot from outside the screen, from all directions. He is hit by nine of them, one hitting his left eye. From the number of tranquilizers shot, he might not have survived.
Clean: A shower appears. Just as Cuddles is about to enjoy his bath, the room starts to flood. Cuddles drowns when the water reaches the ceiling. His body sinks, then floats after he dies.

Giggles's Valentine Smoochie

"A Happy Tree Friend Valentine just for you!"
Flowers: A bouquet of roses falls down. However, after smelling the bouquet, due to her allergy, Giggles starts sneezing uncontrollably. She does a final sneeze, and tries to stop it by covering her nose, but it is so strong that it blows her brain out. Her brain sticks to the wall and the blood splatters into a heart shape. She lies face down on the floor, with a hole at the back of her head.
Cupid: Giggles gets a pair of wings an a Cupid arrow and bow. Just after she shoots an arrow, she is shot 11 times in the back with love arrows from outside the screen. One goes through the back of her head. She falls face down on the floor and slides slowly down the arrow shafts.
Note: Giggles licks an envelope, but gets a papercut that cuts off her tongue. She dies of massive blood loss while trying to reattach her tongue. She falls backwards into a pool of her own blood, then you see what was written on her letter.

Toothy's Easter Smoochie

"Congratulations! You have just adopted a Happy Tree Friend of your very own! Love him to death!"
Yummy: Toothy swallows several easter eggs. The eggs then hatch, and six chicks burst out of his stomach.
Goody: An Easter egg rolls by and hatches. A snake burst out of the egg. Toothy is strangled by the snake and his eyes pop out. After he dies, the snake tries to swallow him many times, but his head is too big.
Tasty: Eats an Easter egg, but it isn't tasty-it's rotten! Toothy then throws up on the screen and falls face down in his pool of vomit. It can be assumed that he is dead. The vomit spelled out "Happy Easter".

Petunia's Summertime Smoochie

"Petunia's Summertime Adventures"
Swim: A rubber bath tub falls down into the room. Petunia takes out a rubber duck and puts it in the water, when bubbles suddenly appear. A huge shark bursts out, and bites her in half. The shark sinks and the rubber duck remains untouched.
Spin: Petunia gets a pinwheel. It begins spinning as the wind starts to blow. Suddenly, the wind blows so hard that her face is thrashed by the pinwheel. The wind stops. Her face is gone.
Sprinkle: A hose appears. Petunia uses the hose to water a flower, when suddenly the water stops. The water in her hose is blocked, causing the hose to expand and push her into the viewer's screen. Her body is then crushed into a bloody mush.

Nutty's Party Smoochie

"Nutty's Party Gifts just for you"
Toy: Nutty receives a yo-yo. While playing with it, one of his teeth gets knocked out. Angry, he forcefully throws the yo-yo, which results in a very hard sleeper which rubs against his privates and produces a 'buzzing' sound. His fur then catches on fire.
Gift: A present with balloons tied to it falls in front of Nutty. He gleefully unwraps the present, somehow getting the strings of the balloons tied around his neck without noticing. Inside the package he finds a pair of heavy scissors. Disappointed in what he received, Nutty throws down the scissors and the balloons lift him off the ground, causing him to start choking. He unsuccessfully tries to reach the scissors, and he ends up passing out. His body slowly floats up and down.
Treat: Nutty receives a go-cart but passes out of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from the fumes released by the go-cart.

niffles's Science Smoochie

"Sniffles plays with science!"
Jet: Sniffles puts on a jet pack, but it is so strong that upon activating it, the jetpack rips his arms off. He then dies of blood loss, and the airborne jet pack runs out of fuel and crushes his remains.
Magnet: Holds a giant magnet, but then several magnetized objects impale him, one being the heavy scissors Nutty had.
Mix: Drinks a chemical he made that makes objects grow big. His internal organs then grew big, burst out of his body, and fill the screen, squeezing Sniffles to his death.

Flaky's Baseball Smoochie

"Play baseball with Flaky"
Catch: A baseball gets thrown at Flaky's left eye, which bruises it so badly it causes her eye to pop out in a fountain of blood. A catcher's mask falls on her face shortly afterwards.
Bat: A metal bat and an old wooden bat fall around Flaky. She shakes her head at the wooden bat, and picks up the metal bat. The bat acts as an electric rod, which leads to her being struck by lightning. A baseball is then thrown at her and the upper half of her body disinegrates into ashes.
Gum: Flaky blows a gum bubble to an enormous size. It then pops, leaving Flaky's face covered with gum, and it causes her to pass out. She might not have survived.

Pop's BBQ Smoochie

"Go grillin' with Pop!"
Light: Lights a BBQ grill with matches, but he previously poured in too much lighter fluid and the grill explodes. The grill then comes back down, landing on Pop's head. Charcoal pieces then fall and burn holes through his head, mouth, and chest.
Corn: Pop eats some corn, but then a flame from the grill sets him on fire. He manages to extinguish the flame, but the heat from his burn causes the corn to pop inside his body , presumably crushing his organs.
Kabob: A kabob stick impales Pop through the eye and out of the other side of his head.

Mime's Olympics Smoochie

"Let the Mime games begin!"

Hammer Throw: Mime performs the hammer throw, but the hammer bounces back and hits his face, causing his brain to pop out the back of his head.
Hurdles: Mime forgets to tie his shoes, falls and cuts the top of his head open with the hurdle. Hurdle later falls and cuts the rest of his head and arms in half.
Weights: Mime lifts a small weight, but it gets heavier when birds perch on them. It weighs too much after three birds perch on it. Mime seems like he's strong but ends up causing the weight to fall down and slice Mime in half.

Disco Bear's Halloween Smoochie

"Disco Bear goes trick-or-treating for Halloween, but gets more tricks than he bargains for."

Ghost: Disco Bear takes a sheet of cloth and turns it into a Ghost Costume for Trick or Treating, but trips backwards on the basket after the hanged ghost scares him and his eyes hits and impaled against the scissors.

Caveman: Disco Bear goes through a costume change as a Caveman, but is quickly stepped on by a T-Rex and scraped repeatedly by a Velosoraptor.

Thrillah: Disco Bear makes another costume change into what resembles a Michael Jackson Thriller outfit and receives a candy apple from Lumpy. Unfortunately, he bites down too hard, and ends up pulling his skull out. Lumpy uses his skull for a Jack-O-Lantern.


Kringles were special short holiday messages (set during Christmas) released as parodies of typical animated greeting cards.

Kringle Bells: Hope you get a kick out of the holidays!
A reindeer kicks Petunia repeatedly in the head.


Kringle Tree: Wishing you a merry axe-mas!
Lumpy swings his axe at a tree, but hits Giggles in the face.


Kringle Feast: Warmest Wishes!
Cub, Giggles, Toothy, Flippy, Cuddles, and Petunia pass out from a gas leak. Lumpy lights a match, causing a gigantic explosion which wipes out the forest and, of course, kills all in the house.

*Flippy, Nutty, Lifty or Shifty (possible)
*Every other creature in the Forest, including the rest of the 20 main HTF characters. (possible)Note:
*Possibly Flippy, but only his feet are seen, so you could assume it to be Nutty. Similarly, it could be Lifty or Shifty, although they are always together. It could also be a Generic Tree Friend, but this is still unlikely because they are used en masse generally, when a large crowd is required. Judging by the shade of green the feet are, however, it looks like the feet most likely belong to either Lifty or Shifty.

Kringle Karols: I have only ice for you!
As Lumpy, Toothy, Giggles, and Cuddles sing a Christmas carol in front of an open door, the door is slammed causing a massive icicle to fall onto Cuddles face, killing him (Toothy tries hopelessly to resuscitate him). Giggles hair burns because the burning candles in their hands fell on her. Lumpy runs away, screaming.

*Giggles (debatable)

Kringle Frosty: Hope I run into you this season!
As Lumpy skis down a mountain, he unwittingly runs into Toothy and Sniffles, who are impaled on his skis.

* Toothy
* Sniffles

Kringle Presents: Keep track of all your blessings!
Cub drools on the tracks of an electric train and is electrocuted. He gets knocked out and the toy train goes through his head.

* Cub

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