The spelling system of bRitic (Auto-modified: bʀitic) is a phonetic notation pronunciation guide based on the Latin alphabet, commonly envisioned as a means of future English spelling reform, created by Reginald Deans, and referenced by the Spelling Society. [Lung, Richard; [ West African & Britic] ; retrieved on 2008-05-26] The system allows a basic one-to-one correspondence of sounds with letters in English, but uses only symbols that are available on a normal keyboard, which avoids the input problems involved with systems using diacritics or other symbols not displayed on a computer input tool, as is the trouble with the IPA. It is claimed that the system would also reduce the length of English spellings on average by 12.5%. [ [ ALFABET ANALYSIS. Richard Lung, Scarboro] ; retrieved on 2008-05-27]

The system serves no particular standard of English pronunciation, but rather provides the means that could be used for the spelling of different varieties of English.


The word "bRitic (bʀitic)" is the spelling, in bRitic, for the word "British", since the English language originally came from Britain. The word is written with an initial non-capital letter since the system is written without upper case letters, (except A/ [BRitic#Auto-modification|', 'ɴ', 'ʀ', 'ʏ', and ". This is met with criticisms however, since it goes against the rules of bRitic that all letters used must be accessible on an average keyboard. Also, the small caps 'W' () resembles the lower case 'w', and is thus difficult to differentiate between the two.

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