Trigger Man (video game)

Trigger Man (video game)

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title = Trigger Man

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developer = Point of View
publisher = Crave Entertainment (NA)
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designer =
engine =
version =
released = NA September 28, 2004
vgrelease|PAL Region|PAL|2005
genre = Third-person shooter
modes = Single player, Multiplayer
ratings = ESRB: Teen (13+)
PEGI: 12+
platforms = PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox
media =
requirements =
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"Trigger Man" is a video game of the third-person shooter genre released in 2004 by Point of View.

In 2004, it was rated as Nintendo Power's Worst Game of The Year, making writer Alan Averill state, "If I had a choice between playing Trigger Man and getting kicked in the junk, I'd seriously have to think about it." []

Reasons for Criticism

*Poor AI--the player can stand directly in front of an enemy and the enemy will not shoot (this has been debunked as a glitch)
*Minimal plot
*No ammo pickups
*All guns make the same sound
*Only eight levels
*Only eight weapons
*The player's inventory can hold only 2 guns at a time
*All enemies share the same skin
*Very few controls, been reported that jump and crouch are the most advanced controls in the game.
*Bland artwork
*Bland missions
*Music stops and starts at specific times
*It takes ten shots to defeat someone with the handgun.
*The player has to throw knives more than shoot guns
*Textures are only partially solid, opening up several ghost worlds
*Rather than voice acting, text boxes have been substituted.
*Graphics are of Nintendo 64 quality at the time of the "3D breakthrough"

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