Switch Communications

Switch Communications

Switch Communications is a very large technology company based in Las Vegas. Switch owns and operates a high security data centre.

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Company Overview

Switch Communications Group owns and operates the SwitchNAP datacenters. The SwitchNAPs have been in operation since 1999 with a vision to provide the most forward looking disaster avoidance colocation and technology interconnect services available. Both the East and West campuses are located within 20 minutes of the McCarran International Airport. Switch’s focus is to deliver and supply the interconnectivity, telecommunications, and managed services necessary for businesses throughout the world to collaborate, to communicate, and to profit all within this multi-campus environment. Switch provides highly-secure disaster avoidance services within our System + System, redundant, state-of-the-art, 1500 watts-per-sq-ft facilities. These facilities can be leased as individual cabinets, private cages, or separate suites.Switch has realized its original vision by becoming the safest, most secure, best engineered data centers ever created. The patent-pending Switch WDMD™ (wattage density modular design) facilities along with the Sinap-tix™ multi-carrier 800 gig backplane IP internet products are viewed as one of the world’s best colocation and connectivity choices. The Switch client base consists of high level government and fortune 1,000 companies from America and abroad. Several of the largest compliance storage (Sarbanes-Oxley) and multi-gigabit on-line internet projects are currently being deployed at the Switch data centers. The Sinap-tix internet network is positioned to become the largest Ethernet IP drain in America by the end of 2008. Combining the best routes, transit paths and aggressive pricing from the Switch NAP’s 27 on-net national carries has allowed Sinap-tix to produced the number one rated IP interconnect product available in the United states. Currently, Switch owns and operates six data centers in the Las Vegas valley. Due to the increased power demands of existing and new customers, Switch is currently building the highest density data center ever constructed.

Switch WDMD™

Most data centers today are faced with severe issues resulting from improper management and control of equipment-generated heat. Switch offers the most forward looking designs for space and power in the industry. Switch facilities are designed to Switch WDMD™ (Wattage Density Modular Design) standards to deliver complete isolation and control over the heat that your equipment produces. Switch has created the t-scif™ (Thermal Separate Compartment in Facility) for the purpose of completely separating the hot and cold aisles, ensuring that the hot equipment exhaust is never blended into the cold aisles in the data center. Your company can operate and grow inside a t-scif™ for years without ever being threatened by the high temperatures that are rendering many of America’s data center facilities inoperable. Each customer has a private, caged t-scif™ that enables higher power and cooling densities per cabinet than any other data center in the world.

The SuperNAP



 407,000 square feet
 250 MVA Switch-owned substation
 146 MVA of generator capacity
 84 MVA of UPS supply
 30,000 tons of system plus system cooling
 30 cooling towers
 Designed for 1,500 watts per sq ft density
 7000 cabinets in a thermal separated patented design
 Armed 24/7/365 military-trained Switch-employed security staff


* [http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/05/24/switch_switchnap_rob_roy/ The Register: Welcome to Las Vegas] —"Article about Switch Communications"

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