Mair may refer to:

People with the surname Mair in German context
People with the surname Mair in Anglo-Saxon context
  • Adam Mair (* 1979), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Charles Mair, a Canadian poet, son of Scottish immigrants
  • Eddie Mair, a Scottish television and radio presenter
  • Gilbert Mair (1799 – 1857), sailor and trader in New Zealand
  • Norman Mair, Scottish rugby player and analyst
  • Rafe Mair, a Canadian political commentator
  • Sarah Mair (1846–1941), Scottish campaigner for women's suffrage and education
  • Victor H. Mair, American Professor of Chinese Language and Literature
  • Robert Mair, Master of Jesus College. Cambridge
  • Mark Mair, Scottish politician and IT pioneer

Other uses:

  • Mair, Egypt
  • Mair Rajputs, a Punjab tribe
  • MAIR Holdings, an airline holding company based in Minnesota, United States
  • in Scotland. In pre-feudal times a mair was an official who attended a sheriff for arrestment or executions (see sheriff court). That post is thought to be the origin of the still-extant post of sheriff officer, which is one of the oldest in the Scottish legal system.

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