Brass Tacks (TV programme)

Brass Tacks (TV programme)

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"BrassTacks" is a Pakistani weekly political television talk show broadcast by News One. It is aired on Sundays at 8 p.m.


"BrassTacks" offers a strategic analysis of the current geopolitical and security situation in Pakistan by Zaid Hamid, owner of a security management firm in Rawalpindi. The program was first hosted by Hina Mairaj and currently hosted by Maryum Chaudhry.


This program is currently highly appreciated all over Pakistan and got a great response because of the hidden realities exposed and revealed by Dr. Zaid Hamid about the Elite Communities controlling the world by their evil acts, cruel behaviour and the terrifying plans and steps to control the people and world in their hands

Media information

DVD release

At the bookshops of Islamabad and Rawalpindi DVD's of First 8 programs have been released.These DVDs cover US grand strategic plans in world, concept of greater Israel and their threat to Pakistan, US war on terror, Pakistan's debacles in Afghan policy and Religious and Sectarian Terrorism in Pakistan.

The next DVDs will cover 9 the Indian Zionism programs.

The next in line would be the two special editions of spiritual forces programs.Then to be followed by Economic Terrorism which is ongoing and would take few more programs.


Some sections of Pakistan’s liberal & left-wing press have severely criticized Zaid Hamid. It accused Hamid of distorting facts relating to Islam, Pakistan and the West and forming a “cult of denial” around himself. Journalists like Fasi Zaka of The News International, Nadeem F. Paracha of Dawn Newspaper and Daily TimesNajam Sethi have been Hamid’s leading critics. [] [] .

External links

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* [ Unofficial Website]
* [ Economic Terrorism Part 1 On Vidpk]
* [ BrassTacks Special On Youtube]
* [ Brass Tacks Economic Terrorism on Youtube]

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