Keeping Company

Keeping Company

Infobox Film
name = Keeping Company

image_size =
caption =
director = S. Sylvan Simon
producer =
writer =
starring = Frank Morgan
Ann Rutherford
music =
cinematography =
editing =
distributor =
released = December 27, 1940
runtime = 80 minutes
country = USA
language = English
budget =
gross =
preceded_by =
followed_by = This Time for Keeps
website =
amg_id =
imdb_id = 0033782

"Keeping Company" is a 1940 drama film starring Frank Morgan as a real estate broker with three daughters who all have their own problems. The film was followed by "This Time for Keeps" (1942).


*Frank Morgan - Harry C. Thomas
*Ann Rutherford - Mary Thomas
*Irene Rich - Mrs. Susan Thomas
*Virginia Weidler - Harriet Thomas
*Gloria DeHaven - Evelyn 'Skinny' Thomas
*John Shelton - Ted 'Teddy' Foster
*Gene Lockhart - Mr. Hellman
*Virginia Grey - Anastasia 'Stasia' Atherton
*Dan Dailey - Jim Reynolds

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