Evolution (software)

Evolution (software)
Evolution mail.png
Evolution's e-mail client
Evolution calendar.png
Evolution's calendar software
Developer(s) Novell & GNOME
Stable release 3.2.1  (October 17, 2011; 27 days ago (2011-10-17))
Operating system Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Type Personal information manager
License Evolution: GNU General Public License, Anjal: GNU Lesser General Public License v2 or v3
Website projects.gnome.org/evolution

Evolution or Novell Evolution (formerly Ximian Evolution, prior to Novell's 2003 acquisition of Ximian) is the official personal information manager and workgroup information management tool for GNOME. It combines e-mail, calendar, address book, and task list management functions. It has been an official part of GNOME since version 2.8 in September 2004. Evolution development is sponsored primarily by Novell.

Its user interface and functionality are similar to Microsoft Outlook. Features include iCalendar support, full-text indexing of all incoming mail, powerful email filters writable in Scheme,[1] and a “Search Folders” feature (i.e., saved searches that look like normal mail folders).

Evolution can be connected to older versions of Microsoft Exchange Server (i.e. not Exchange 2007 and 2010; partial work arounds are available for these versions) using their web interfaces and an Evolution add-on formerly called Ximian Connector. Using gnome-pilot, it may be synchronized with Palm Pilot devices, and OpenSync enables it to be synchronized with mobile phones and other PDAs.

Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Evolution is free software.


Evolution 2

Evolution 2, which has been available since September 2004, delivers these features:[citation needed]

Evolution Express

Evolution Express[2] is a new user interface which is being built on top of Evolution, targeted for mobile and small-screen devices. It is included as part of Evolution 2.30 and can be enabled by passing the --express command-line option.


Evolution is released as part of GNOME. GNOME is the default desktop environment for several Linux distributions, most notably Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu prior to version 11.04[3]. Foresight Linux showcases the latest releases of GNOME. Novell distributes Evolution with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and the openSUSE community project.

Evolution is also available as source code. Some pre-built install packages are available for other operating systems, but only for older versions.

Evolution for Mac OS X

In 2006, Novell provided an installer for Evolution on Mac OS X. This outdated version was downloadable for quite a while but the link no longer works.[4][5]

Evolution for Windows

In January 2005, Novell's Nat Friedman announced in his blog[6] that the company had hired Tor Lillqvist, the programmer who ported GIMP to Microsoft Windows, to do the same with Evolution. Before this announcement, several projects with the same goal had been started but none of them reached alpha status.

As of November 11, 2009, DIP Consultants, LLC provides Evolution 2.28.2-1 with Windows Installer,[7] which runs on Windows XP and newer.

An experimental installer for Evolution 2.32 also exists for Windows. [8]

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