Zillertal Alps

Zillertal Alps

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image_caption=North face of the Hochfeiler, highest peak in the Zillertaler Alps, above the Schlegeiskees glacier, as seen from near the Furtschaglhaus alpine hut
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The Zillertal Alps ( _de. Zillertaler Alpen; _it. Alpi Aurine) are a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps on the border of Austria and Italy. The range is named after the Zillertal (Ziller river valley) on its north.

The range is bounded by the "Tuxerjoch" mountain pass to the north (separating it from the Tux Alps); the "Birnlücke" - "Forcella del Picco" pass to the east (separating it from the Hohe Tauern); the Isarco River and its tributary Rienz-Rienza to the south (separating it from the Southern Limestone Alps); the Brenner Pass to the west (separating it from the Stubai Alps).


The main peaks of the Zillertal Alps are:


The main mountain passes of the Zillertal Alps are:

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* [http://www.checkcams.com/austria/zillertal Webcams in the Zillertal Alps]

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