Franklin G. Reick

Franklin G. Reick

Franklin G. Reick (born 1930) is an inventor, industrial engineer, and entrepreneur from New Jersey, who has secured his place at the forefront of lubrication technology in the United States and abroad for more than five decades. Reick founded Fluoramics Inc., [ [] ] in 1966, a company in Mahwah, New Jersey, that has become known for the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of lubricants and sealants. The inventor’s foremost accomplishment is the development of Tufoil [] , a lubricant for automobile engines and other industrial products.

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Early Life and Career

Reick attended Syracuse University, where he obtained a degree in industrial engineering in the early 50s. At the University, he fell under the wing of Dr. Charles Bachman [] , a Physics Professor, who saw something in Reick that no one else had discovered yet. Bachman acted as a surrogate father and became a life long friend until his death in his 90's. From there, Reick went on to hold engineering, consultant, and executive positions at companies such as General Electric(Cathode Ray Tube Development Engineer), International Telephone and Telegraph Company, and two industrial lubrication companies, Mectrol and Fluoramics Inc. At ITT Reick worked on the 465L Command and Control System,SAC, where he was responsible for Top Secret trouble-shooting of Display Generators. While at ITT Nutley, he focused on an Xband Radar Detector using optically pumped Rubidium Vapor, assisted by a highly skilled tech and friend, Doug Scharp.

In 1990, Reick was chosen as “The Inventor of the Year” [] by the New Jersey Institute of Technology, for his work in Superconductivity. That same year, Mr. Reick was one of the finalists for Inc. Magazine’s, “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Tufoil [] ,named, “The World’s Most Efficient Lubricant,” in the Guinness Book of World Records, 1996, is the brainchild of this award-winning inventor. It has maintained its global popularity for over 30 years. Reick created this lubricant and multitude of others to serve many industrial products, such as weapons, automobiles and machinery. In addition to his extensive work with lubricants, Reick also has veritable expertise with greases, oxygen compatible thread sealants, Formula-8 and Lox-8 [] , and toys using hydrophobic surfaces. The oxygen-safe thread sealants, certified by NASA and BAM, are used internationally by the medical and cryogenic communities as well as on oil rigs.

Reick has received a host of accolades throughout his lifetime, holds over two dozen United States and Foreign Patents and has written an array of scientific papers published in a variety of professional journals. Currently, Reick serves on the board of the Foundation of Free Enterprise [] . His motto has always been, "If you can't do it better than everyone else, don't waste your time doing it."

Reick’s latest invention, SSKI [] wax, was launched in 2008, by Briareos Inc. [] the sister company of Fluoramics. SSKI is the first ever superhydrophobic, solvent-free ski wax introduced to the ski and snowboard industry (Provisional Patents Applied for).


*"Flying the Stock Market: Pilot Your Dollars to Success", by Franklin G. Reick and Bruce G. Siminoff (Author), Glenbridge Publishing, (January 1997) [] .

*"Nobody's That Stupid,":Bonanza Society Bulletin (He was prompted to writing the article after landing his Bonanza, at Ramapo Valley Airport, with the landing gear retracted.)

*"Low Temperature Signal Detection in Optically Pumped Rubidium Vapor": published in Journal of Applied Physics [] , November 1970.

*"The Optical Whispering Mode of Polished Cylinders and It's Implication in Laser Technology": published in Applied Optics [] , November 1965.

*"Through a Glass Brightly": published in Electronics, February 5, 1968.

*"Stable PTFE Colloids as Lubricating Oil Additives": published as a series in American Laboratory Magazine- Part 1, June 1977; Part 2, March 1978.

*"Energy-Saving Lubricants": published in Lubrication Engineering. Volume 38, 10, 635-646, May 1981.

*"Intensity Distribution of Light Leaving a Hemicylinder": published in proceedings of the Symposium on Quasi-Optics, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, June 1964.

*"Relevances in Material Science and Application of High Temperature Superconductors" [] : AMSAHTS '90, NASA Conference Publications 10043, 1990: "Plastic Superconductor Bearings (Any shape), 77K and Up" (p.435) w/ Dr. Larry Bennett.
*"The Graded Boundary Electrode": Invited paper, Electrochemical Society, Boston 1962.


*Carbon Coating [,+franklin+g.+reick] : April 22, 1957

*High Speed Candle Molding

*Electrode Wick [,+franklin+g.+reick&source=web&ots=3iMC5EG21x&sig=igdwtZEYBei1pge-7rUcubCTkMI&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=5&ct=result] : August 11, 1959

*465L Weapon System Strategic Automated Command Control System (SAC Automated Command Control System) [] - January 15, 1998 []

*Steam Vaporizer- Polarization Resistant Electrodes for Probing DC Phenomenon in the Central Nervous System for Dr. Bachman and Dr. Becker at the Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY.

*Xband Radar Detector with Dr.Lucio Velesi and Doug Scharp

*Low friction lubricants

*Capacitive De-Ionization []

*Fuel Cells with High Current Density

*Vapor Phase Diamond Growth

*Oxygen Resistant Sealants

*Solar Collector with Gregg Reick

*Electro-chemical Etching of Stainless Steel Rulers for Gabel Manufacturing

*Surgical Devices in collaboration with Dr. J. Wilder, Chief of Surgery at the Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York City

*High Temperature Superconductors

*Investigate Persistent Ring Current in toroidal superconductors, Flux Tube Induction, suggested by Dr. Peter Heller [] , Brandeis University.

Some Issued United States Patents

*5,339,061 Iron Free Transformer using Flux Tubes- granted August 16, 1994

*5,180,706 High Temperature Porous Superconductor- granted January 19, 1993

*4,333,840 Hybrid PTFE Lubricant for Weapons- granted June 9, 1982

*4,284,519 Halocarbon Oil Composition- granted August 18, 1981

*4,284, 518 Stabilized Hybrid Lubricant- granted August 18,1981

*4,224,173 Lubricant Oil Containing Polytetrafluoroethylene and Fluorochemical Surfactant- granted September 23, 1980

Patent Information (Complete)

*Google Patent Search: Franklin G. Reick []

Patents Licensed from FGR

Company, Product, Date
*Mego, “Slick Silver” (Super-hydrophobic Surfaces)in collaboration with George Castanis- April 1978

*Hermanie / Germany, “Sealing Compound”-September 16, 1976

*Enmo, “Flood Alarm System” (Moisture Detector)- July 1, 1976

*Kenner, “Water Ball” (Super-hydrophobic surfaces)- May1, 1976

*Matel, Inc., “Water Ball” (Super-hydrophobic Surfaces)- April 30, 1976

*Westwood Aero Labs, “Pos-a-check”- assisted by Maurice Kanbar- October 1, 1975

*Sensor Tech, Inc. Direct-Acting Pressure & Vacuum Sensor- 1973

*Johnson & Johnson Arbrook, Inc, “Surgical Evacuator"- 1971

*Zimmer Manufacturing Co., “Laryngoscope”- November 1, 1970

*Fluoramics Inc., “Sealing Compound”-1968

*Candles, Inc., “Candle Molding”- 1960

*Bio Tech, “Steam Vaporizer”- 1958


*“Slick Silver” (Super-hydrophobic Surfaces)in collaboration with George Castanis- April 1978

*“Amoeba”- March 1978

*“Block’em”- February, 1976

*“Glo Balls”-1976

*“Glo-Lite”- #17-397B

*“Cia Snooper Trooper”

*“Go to th’ Pot”

Toys made with Al Kolvites and Al Needleman

* “Spyder & Flys”

* “Reckless Roach Race”

See also

* Nasa Technical Reports Server (NTRS) []


* The Foundation for Free Enterprise []

* New York Academy of Sciences

* Society of Automotive Engineers

* Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

* The American Bonanza Society [] : 40 years Vee Tail Bonanza, approximately 3700 hours +, N85J

* Recent Law Suits: Fluoramics vs. Trueba []

Accolades and Aphorisms

* "God may forgive your sins, but your nervous system won't," Alfred Korzybski. (Science and Sanity)

* "You can always measure a man by whether he's as good at taking it as he is at dishing it out," Gerald Reick (father).

* "Turn Reick loose on a desert isle and in 6 months he'd be living like a king," Doug Scharp.

* Save time and energy, "Always: Do your last experiment first," Paula Douglas, Reick's secretary for more than 25 years. (Paula's "Laboratory" Law).

* "If you put Warren Buffet on one desert isle and Frank Reick on another for a 6 months... Buffet would starve to death and Reick would be living like a king," said Mike Ebert, at a co-lecture with FGR at Cooper Union.

* "Nobody's That Stupid"- Tells about very bad landings.

* "Intelligent Bureaucrat," oxymoron by Frank Reick.

* Reick's Laws of Trouble Shooting

* Reick's Laws of Statistics

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