Viper (Marvel Comics)

Viper (Marvel Comics)

Viper is the name of three fictional characters in the Marvel Comics universe. All three are villains.

Viper (Jordan Stryke)


caption=Cover art for "Captain America (vol. 5)" #28.
Viper is in the left.
Art by Steve Epting.
real_name=Jordan Stryke/Jordan Dixon
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Captain America" vol.1 #157 (January, 1973)
creators= Steve Englehart
Steve Gerber
Sal Buscema
John Verpoorten
alliances=Serpent Squad Secret Empire
* skilled debater and advertiser
* skilled in chemistry|

The first known Viper (Jordan Stryke, also known as Jordan Dixon) was created by Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, Sal Buscema and John Verpoorten and first appeared in Captain America #157 (January 1973).

Fictional character biography

Jordan Stryke (aka Jordan Dixon) was the brother of Leopold Stryke, also known as the costumed criminal Eel. They each formed costumed identities without the other realizing this fact. Viper concealed this fact by using the alias of "Dixon" as his everyday last name. Together they joined the Crime Wave of the Cowled Commander, and the Viper battled the Falcon and Captain America. During the course of the fight, Viper managed to poison his opponents with darts and escaped. Later, the Falcon discovered the Viper in his home after tracking his alias (through an offhand comment made by the Viper indicating that he was involved in advertising) and captured him. Escaping in an ensuing battle with Plantman and the rest of the Crime Wave, Viper’s identity was discovered by his brother Eel. Soon after, the Crime Wave was defeated by Captain America and the Falcon, and they were sent to prison.

Later escaping prison with his brother and the help of the Cobra, the trio formed the original Serpent Squad and attacked Captain America at his girlfriend’s home in Virginia. Despite new weapons added to his arsenal, including the Venom-Firer and prosthetic fangs, the Viper and his partners were returned to jail. While in custody, he was being taken to appear before a grand jury by U.S. Marshals. The van he was transported in was attacked by Madame Hydra, and his guards were killed. Believing himself rescued by his Serpent Squad, Viper rushed out of the van, only to be told by Madame Hydra that she wanted a new name – his name. Despite offering to change his moniker, the Viper was gunned down and killed [Captain America #180] , and Madame Hydra assumed the name and leadership of the Serpent Squad. Later, his soul fragment was discovered by Hell’s Angel and the X-Men in Mephisto’s realm and, with Jordan Stryke’s usual luck, even this was destroyed.

Powers and abilities

Viper had no superhuman abilities, and relied upon his mind and trained fighting skills to win battles. Very intelligent, he was a skilled debater and advertiser, and he was skilled enough in chemistry to create his own special form of venom. He wore venom-tipped claws and employed venom-tipped darts.

Viper (Madame Hydra)

The next known Viper, also known as Madame Hydra was created by Jim Steranko and first appeared in "Captain America" #110 (February 1969).

Viper (Serpent Squad)

Recently, a new Viper has appeared along with Sin's new Serpent Squad in the pages of "Captain America". His true identity has yet to be revealed. He breaks Crossbones out of jail and later attacked the White House, but he was stopped by the new Captain America.

Powers and abilities

Physically, Viper was a good hand-to-hand combatant, quite agile, and possessed the normal strength of a man his age, weight, and height who engaged in intensive regular exercise. Mentally, Viper's intellect was calculating and without mercy; besides advertising, Viper also had some skill in chemistry, allowing him to create his venom. He possessed no superhuman physical or mental abilities.


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* [ Viper's Profile at The Appendix to the Marvel Handbook]

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