Stewart Holbrook

Stewart Holbrook

Stewart Hall Holbrook (1893 - 1964) was an American lumberjack, writer, and popular historian. His writings focused on what he called the "Far Corner": Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. A self-proclaimed "low-brow" historian, his topics included Ethan Allen, the railroads, the timber industry, the Wobblies, and eccentrics of the Pacific Northwest.

He wrote for "The Oregonian" for over thirty years, and authored dozens of books. He also produced a number of paintings under the pseudonym of "Mr. Otis."


*"Holy Old Mackinaw: A Natural History of the American Lumberjack" (1938) ISBN 1-112-55989-2
*"Let Them Live" (1938)
*"Iron Brew: A Century of American Ore and Steel" (1939)
*"Ethan Allen" (1940) ISBN 1-121-69376-8
*"Tall Timber" (1941)
*"Murder Out Yonder: An Informal Study of Certain Classic Crimes in Back-Country America" (1941)
*"None More Courageous: American War Heroes of Today" (1942) ISBN 1-122-08926-0
*"A Narrative of Schafer Bros. Logging Company's Half Century in the Timber" (1945)
*"Burning an Empire: The Study of American Forest Fires" (1945)
*"Green Commonwealth: A Narrative of the Past and a Look at the Future of One Forest Products Community" (1945) ISBN 1-122-25043-6, ISBN 1-127-02722-0
*"Promised Land: A Collection of Northwest Writing" (1945)
*"Lost Men of American History" (1946) ISBN 1-299-10049-X, ISBN 1-117-36274-4 ISBN 1-117-51286-X
*"The Story of American Railroads" (1947) ISBN 1-117-04750-4 ISBN 1-122-15378-3
*"Little Annie Oakley & Other Rugged People" (1948) ISBN 1-125-58757-1
*(with Henry Sheldon) "Northwest Corner: Oregon and Washington: the Last Frontier" (1948) ISBN 1-199-18651-1
*"America's Ethan Allen" (1949) ISBN 1-112-12168-4
*"Yankee Exodus: an Account of Migration" (1950) ISBN 1-125-30990-3
*"The Portland Story" (1951)
*"Far Corner: A Personal View of the Pacific Northwest" (1952) ISBN 1-199-10824-3
*"Saga of the Saw Files" (1952)
*"(with Ernest Richardson) Wild Bill Hickok Tames the West" (1952)
*"Age of the Moguls" (1953) ISBN 1-125-25891-8
*(with Milton Rugoff) "Down on the Farm, A Picture History of Country Life in America in the Good Old Days" (1954) ISBN 1-122-18476-X
*"James J. Hill: A Great Life in Brief" (1955)
*"Machines of Plenty: Pioneering in American Agriculture" (1955) ISBN 1-117-17900-1 ISBN 1-199-05586-7
*"Davy Crockett" (1955)
*"Wyatt Earp: U.S. Marshall" (1956)
*"Columbia" (1956) ISBN 1-117-17992-3
*"The Rocky Mountain Revolution" (1956) ISBN 1-117-11464-3 ISBN 1-122-05229-4
*"Dreamers of the American Dream" (1957) ISBN 1-112-13685-1
*(with Ernest Richardson) "Swamp Fox of the Revolution" (1957) ISBN 1-299-86718-9
*"Mr. Otis" (1958) ISBN 1-117-37983-3 ISBN 1-199-11100-7
*"The Golden Age of Quackery" (1959)
*"The Golden Age of Railroads" (1960)
*"Yankee Logger: A Recollection of Woodsmen, Cooks and River Drivers" (1961)
*"The Old Post Road: The Story of the Boston Post Road" (1962)
*(with Nard Jones and Roderick Haig-Brown) "The Pacific Northwest" (1963) ISBN 1-199-96306-2 ISBN 1-117-12249-2
*"The Wonderful West" (1963)
*"The Columbia River" (1965)
*"Wildmen, Wobblies & Whistle Punks: Stewart Holbrook's Lowbrow Northwest" (1992) - an anthology of his writings. ISBN 0-87071-367-1

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