Agents causing agglutination, eg. antibodies, lectins, polylysine.

Dictionary of molecular biology. 2004.

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  • agglutinins — n. antibody which causes parts to adhere during the healing process …   English contemporary dictionary

  • cold agglutinins — Antibodies that agglutinate particles with greater activity below 32°C. They are IgM antibodies specifically reactive with blood groups I and i in humans, and agglutinate red blood cells on cooling, causing Raynaud s phenomenon in vivo …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • panagglutinins — Agglutinins that react with all human erythrocytes. [pan + L. agglutino, to glue] …   Medical dictionary

  • blood group — Med. any of various classes into which human blood can be divided according to immunological compatibility, based on the presence or absence of specific antigens on red blood cells. Also called blood type. Cf. ABO system, Rh factor. [1915 20] * * …   Universalium

  • agglutination — 1. The process by which suspended bacteria, cells, or other particles are caused to adhere and form into clumps; similar to precipitation, but the particles are larger and are in suspension rather than being in solution. For specific a. reactions …   Medical dictionary

  • Arming yeast — cells are budding yeast cells covered with proteins, the gene sequences for which have been determined. Proteins are displayed on the surface of budding yeast cells genetically as fusion proteins with the C terminal half of α agglutinin. This… …   Wikipedia

  • agglutinin — /euh glooht n in/, n. Immunol. an antibody that causes agglutination. [1895 1900; AGGLUTIN(ATE) + IN2] * * * ▪ biochemistry       substance that causes particles to congeal in a group or mass, particularly a typical antibody that occurs in the… …   Universalium

  • agglutinin — 1. An antibody that causes clumping or agglutination of the bacteria or other cells that either stimulated the formation of the a., or contain immunologically similar, reactive antigen. SYN: agglutinating antibody, immune a.. 2. A substance,… …   Medical dictionary

  • coagglutination — Aggregation of particulate antigens bound with agglutinins of more than one specificity. * * * co·ag·glu·ti·na·tion (ko″ə gloo″tĭ naґshən) the aggregation of particulate antigens combined with agglutinins of more than… …   Medical dictionary

  • agglutination — clumping; n. the sticking together, by serum antibodies called agglutinins, of such microscopic antigenic particles as red blood cells or bacteria so that they form visible clumps. Any substance that stimulates the body to produce an agglutinin… …   The new mediacal dictionary

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