body girth

body girth
the circumference of the body

Dictionary of ichthyology. 2009.

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  • Girth — (g[ e]rth), n. [Icel. gj[ o]r[eth] girdle, or ger[eth] girth; akin to Goth. ga[ i]rda girdle. See {Gird} to girt, and cf. {Girdle}, n.] 1. A band or strap which encircles the body; especially, one by which a saddle is fastened upon the back of a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • girth — gərth n a measure around a body …   Medical dictionary

  • girth — c.1300, belt around a horse s body, from O.N. gjorð girdle, belt, hoop, from P.Gmc. *gertu (cf Goth. gairda girdle ), from the same source as GIRD (Cf. gird). Sense of measurement around an object first recorded 1640s …   Etymology dictionary

  • girth — I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old Norse gjǫrth; akin to Old English gyrdan to gird Date: 13th century 1. a band or strap that encircles the body of an animal to fasten something (as a saddle) on its back 2. a. a measure around a body <… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • girth — [[t]gɜ͟ː(r)θ[/t]] girths 1) N VAR: with supp, oft poss N The girth of an object, for example a person s or an animal s body, is its width or thickness, considered as the measurement around its circumference. [FORMAL] A girl he knew had upset him… …   English dictionary

  • girth — n. & v. (also girt) n. 1 the distance around a thing. 2 a band round the body of a horse to secure the saddle etc. v. 1 tr. a secure (a saddle etc.) with a girth. b put a girth on (a horse). 2 tr. surround, encircle. 3 intr. measure (an amount)… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Body fat percentage — A person s body mass percentage is the total weight of the person s fat divided by the person s weight and consists of essential body fat and storage body fat. Essential body fat is necessary to maintain life and reproductive functions. The… …   Wikipedia

  • girth — [[t]gɜrθ[/t]] also girt III n. 1) the measure around a body or object; circumference 2) size; bulk 3) a band that passes underneath a horse or other animal to hold a saddle in place 4) something that encircles; a band or girdle 5) to bind or… …   From formal English to slang

  • body — Synonyms and related words: Adamite, Bund, Festschrift, Rochdale cooperative, affiliation, age group, aggregate, alliance, amount, amplitude, an existence, ana, anatomy, anthology, aquarium, area, array, ascender, ashes, ashram, assemblage,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • girth — In Saxon and old English law, a measure of length, equal to one yard, derived from the girth or circumference of a man s body …   Black's law dictionary

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