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New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Crenated — Crenate Cre nate (kr[=e] n[asl]t), Crenated Cre na*ted (kr[=e] n[asl]*t[e^]d), a. [L. crena notch. See {Cranny}.] (Bot.) Having the margin cut into rounded teeth notches, or scallops. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • crenated — cre·nat·ed krē .nāt əd also cre·nate .nāt adj having the margin or surface cut into rounded scallops <crenated red blood cells> * * * cre·nat·ed (kreґnāt əd) scalloped or notched; see crenation …   Medical dictionary

  • crenated — adjective crenate …   Wiktionary

  • crenated — adj. ridged, notched, scalloped …   English contemporary dictionary

  • crenated — a. See crenate …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • crenated — cre·nat·ed …   English syllables

  • crenated — adjective having a margin with rounded scallops • Syn: ↑crenate, ↑scalloped • Similar to: ↑rough …   Useful english dictionary

  • crenate, crenated — Indented; denoting the outline of a shriveled red blood cell, as observed in a hypertonic solution. [L. crena, a notch] …   Medical dictionary

  • burr erythrocyte — crenated erythrocyte burr cell …   Medical dictionary

  • crenation — The process of becoming, or state of being, crenated. * * * cre·na·tion kri nā shən n shrinkage of red blood cells resulting in crenated margins * * * n. an abnormal appearance of red blood cells seen under a microscope, in which the normally… …   Medical dictionary

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