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New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • collaterality — n. security, deposit; indirectness, quality of being related but secondary …   English contemporary dictionary

  • collaterality — col·lat·er·al·i·ty …   English syllables

  • collaterality — kəˌlad.əˈraləd.ē, latəˈr , ralətē, i noun ( es) 1. : the quality or state of being collateral 2. : use in kinship classification of terms for collateral relatives distinct from those for lineal relatives of the same generation …   Useful english dictionary

  • collateral — collaterality /koh lat euh ral i tee/, collateralness, n. collaterally, adv. /keuh lat euhr euhl/, n. 1. security pledged for the payment of a loan: He gave the bank some stocks and bonds as collateral for the money he borrowed. 2. Anat. a. a… …   Universalium

  • Family — For other uses, see Family (disambiguation). Relationships …   Wikipedia

  • collateral — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo French, from Medieval Latin collateralis, from Latin com + lateralis lateral Date: 14th century 1. a. accompanying as secondary or subordinate ; concomitant < digress into collateral matters > b …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • 旁系亲属 — pángxì qīnshǔ [collaterality; collateral relative] 直系亲属以外在血统上和自己同出一源的人及其配偶, 如兄、 弟、 姐、 妹、 伯父、 叔父、 伯母、 婶母等(以别于直系亲属的名称) …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • collateral — [kɒ lat(ə)r(ə)l] noun 1》 something pledged as security for repayment of a loan. 2》 a person descended from the same ancestor as another but through a different line. adjective 1》 descended from the same stock but by a different line. 2》… …   English new terms dictionary

  • parallelism — n 1. coextension, coequality, correspondence, collineation, collaterality; nonconverg ence, nondivergence, concentricity; parallelization, equidistance, concurrence; balance, equipoise, equilibrium; equality, parity, equivalence, par. 2.… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • bicollaterality — bi·collaterality …   English syllables

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